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  1. Lazarus

    Help with check & uncheck music

    ok I sync my iPhone only the checked items right. So I accidentally unchecked everything at once. Please tell me there is a way to get it back to the way I had all 3,000 songs checked? I'll do a system restore if it will get it back to the way I had it. HELP!
  2. Lazarus

    Syncing Contacts Inquiry

    sorry for double post. I was wanting to switch from using Yahoo Address Book to Windows but am afraid it will delete all my contacts from iPhone on the next sync. Can someone please confirm this for me.
  3. Lazarus

    Syncing Contacts - Change from Yahoo to Outlook

    I was wanting to switch from Yahoo to Windows but afraid it would delete all my contacts and I'd have to start over again. Can anyone pls confirm?
  4. Lazarus

    [Release]VideoRingtone app

    The World's first video Ringtones software for iPhone -- VideosTone from iFonetec Ltd ( The first in the ability to activate video ringtones on in-coming call for the iPhone . You will be able to assign designated video ringtones on your Contact list. Installer...
  5. Lazarus

    Street Fighter Lock Sounds Here!

    This is what i have been able to come up with so far, just unzip this file and place the folder in your Customize2 folder Stay tuned for updates
  6. Lazarus

    [Request]Make Unlock&Lock sounds

    Yo you know the Street Fighter game & Movies? I am looking to get a couple of them throwing the fireball sounds and upper-cuts sounds from Akuma, Ken & Ryu Yo this is what i could come up with, i think part5 you can make a good lock&unlock sound from the fireball&uppercut sound. if you can try...
  7. Lazarus

    Settings Won't Save after iLiberty+?

    o boy after weeks of searching finally found the solution but have no idea how to do it, can someone please help me. I'll be using iPhonebrowser. Source: Problem: Ownership bug in Description: The Preferences folder has wrong ownership, which causes...
  8. Lazarus

    Use iLiberty+ on New 16GB?

    hey I should be getting mine on 4/02 and was wondering what ya thought about the new iLiberty+? Should I use it to do it all even tho I'm on AT&T and will Activate through iTunes first. And at what point should I sync my iPhone to iTunes? after Activation & Jailbreak?
  9. Lazarus

    Seidio gettin accessories also check out daydeal
  10. Lazarus

    Bluetooth is useless

    hey is there any way we can get bluetooth to work like any regular cell phone? i mean you cannot send&receive nothing through bluetooth.
  11. Lazarus

    Upload Icon Sets Here

    hey guyz are we not gonna start a dl thread for icons?
  12. Lazarus

    Alarm Clock issue please help

    ok i have set the alarm all 5 and it never goes off. Will the alarm not work when the iPhone is turned off?
  13. Lazarus

    media player problems

    I was playing a video and about half way threw it just stopped playing and does same thing sometimes playing music. Any ideas why this happens?
  14. Lazarus

    Thumbnail pic on Video's

    Hey what is the size the pic needs to be so it will be full?
  15. Lazarus

    Comcast settings?

    ok someone out there has had to of gotten COMCAST synced to their iPhone by now, can you please share the settings because I was on the phone with AT&T for an hour and they didn't help plus they hung up on me and didn't call me back.
  16. Lazarus

    Re-do Album Artwork?

    how can I replace the album artwork with another one? I need to disassociate the album artwork another words i guess
  17. Lazarus

    Did you order it in the store?

    Hey this is for those of us that had to order it in the store (or online is the same) has anyone heard anything yet? I can't believe it's gonna take 2-4 weeks like the web site says. I'm dyin over here, especially every time I see someone in the streets with one.
  18. Lazarus

    1 COP bought 6 w/o waiting in line....

    Only in Miami does this kinda of shyt happen. Listen to this and forgive my typing because my hands our shaking like crazy due to all the trauma the cops caused me. 1st the facts, they came out at 6pm and said they had only 50 and I was #46 in line so I was kool. so at 6pm they let in the 1st batch...
  19. Lazarus

    Charge 1st or Activate?

    hey was wondering what everyone's plans were when they get it home? Will you be charging it before activation or can't wait? I myself am going to want the maximum battery life so I will try my hardest and charge it 1st for 24hrs and then activate it. wish me luck :laugh2:
  20. Lazarus

    How long will you charge it?

    Let us not forget this is not your typical cel phone battery and we all know we are gonna want maximum strength out of this non-removable battery so how long can you wait and just stare at it while it charges? lol