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    $200 cheaper? There has to be a way to get this money back

    Give Apple a call. I purchased my iPhone July 30 and called them Today after the announcement and they are going to credit me $150, told me they had just been given the info on what to do with the situation and that it would take 3-5 businesss daysto clear their bank.
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    iPhone keeps getting booted from iTunes after sync

    I was having same problem but then I remember someone saying their USB cord was bad so I used my iPod USB cord and synced fine and wasn't booted. Maybe it is only your USB cord that came with the iPhone, it feels somewhat cheaper than the iPod ones.
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    Which DLO case to go with?

    I have decided on the DLO HipCase Holster for my iPhone but which one? I am debating between the black leather one or the black nylon one. Which would you recommend?
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    Purchase iPhone online or at actual store.

    See that is what I was thinking, plus I wont have a computer with me in Chicago so I would have to try and activate it at the Hotel's businesss center and I really don't want to do that. Have you cancelled an order at before, is it pretty easy? Also are their shipping estimations...
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    Purchase iPhone online or at actual store.

    I just look at the Apple store online and they have the 8GB iPhones shipping in 2-5 businesss days now so I am debating on buying my iPhone from there or should I just wait and purchase one at the North Michigain Ave store when I am in Chicago the second weekend of August. I have to wait until...