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    WiFi Toggle for JB Ver 2.2

    Actually, I just installed SBSettings along with the SBSettingsToggle app. Wow...what a great app. I can invoke the toggles from *any* screen by swiping across the top title bar. Up pops a bunch of toggle switches for WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, etc. It still requires 2 taps - swipe to bring up...
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    WiFi Toggle for JB Ver 2.2

    I be missing me my WiFi toggle! It's my most used app. WiFi drains the heck out of any device's battery, so it's sooo nice to be able to turn WiFi on and off with a single button press. But WiFi toggle isn't working for ver JB ver 2.2 yet. In fact, it won't even install - it gives you an...
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    Do these apps exist?

    The iPhone does not multitask like a Win Mobile device. It only runs one app at a time. Volume was a complaint with the 1st gen iPhone, and some people reported success with using a pin to punch little holes in the film that covered the speaker just inside the mesh grill over the speaker...
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    ETA for SummerBoard App?

    well, all I can tell you is that Winterboard works like a gem on my jailbriken 3G. Yes, you have to jailbreak to get Winterboard, but it works even better than simmerboard ever did.
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Anybody know where I can find a tutorial on how to make my own Winterboard theme? Including how to upload it to my iPhone? I have a jailbroken 2.0.2, and I know how to ssh into my iPhone with WinSCP. I just don't know how to "package" a Winterboard theme, and what the "file structure" should...
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Hey Angelo, I love that theme. Where can I get it? Can you post it?
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    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Simple, clean, slick (IMO :)). It's a variation of the NEON Standard Theme:
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    Tired and Frustrated

    You need to set the iPhone autolock timeout to "never", otherwise the ssh connection will time out. Go to: Setttings -> General -> Autolock, and select Never. Don't forget to change it back after you're done, or you'll drain your battery like a mofo.
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    A good "To Do" app?

    I humbly submit this thread.
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    2.0.1 firmware and MobileMe

    What company do you use for your Exchange service?
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    To do list

    I humbly submit this thread.
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    3G iPhone tips

    Seriously, I think you have a bad phone. My battery life is a thousand times better than that. I turn off wifi, bluetooth, and gps when I'm not using them, but I leave 3G on all the time. I'm pretty sure if you took it back to an Apple store, you'd walk out of there with a shiny new replacement.
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    My "push" ToDo solution

    I've found a GREAT ToDo "semi-push" alternative. I installed ToDo by Appigo software onto the iPhone. I also signed up for a Jott account. I had installed Jott on the iPhone, but I later discovered that the Jott app itself is not necessary on the iPhone. Then I signed up for a Toodledo...
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    Hello is anybody using? "me"?

    You know, I thought this at first too, like you. But I've found a GREAT ToDo semi-push alternative. I installed ToDo by Appigo software onto the iPhone. I also signed up for a Jott account. I had installed Jott on the iPhone, but I later discovered that the Jott app itself is not necessary...
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    Two iPhones and One Mobile Me account?

    No, the MobileMe config page has these options on both your computer and your iPhone: Calendar Sync On/Off Contacts Sync On/Off Bookmarks Sync On/Off Email sync On/Off can set MobileMe to update both of your calendars on the fly from the "cloud", and then use iTunes to...
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    Tips on installing invisibleSHIELD?

    Did you see the post ealier in this thread about the Wide Rubberband technique? I'm gonna try that. Once the corners dry enough that they'll begin to remain stuck down onto the surface, you put a wide rubber band around the entire outer circumference of the iPhone. The rubber band lays snug...
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    Two iPhones and One Mobile Me account?

    When you set up Mobile Me on the iPhone, the settings page has separate on/off buttons for syncing calendar, contacts, and email. My wife and I share the same contact list and calendar, but not email. I just clicked "ON" for calendar and contacts, and left it "OFF" for email. No sweat. And...
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    MobileMe = Garbage

    Which service are you using for your Exchange account?
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    crystal film cover necessary?

    The Invisible Shield is a great product, but it has sort of a tacky feel to it, which makes my finger kind of stick and drag when I do swipes on the screen. I've tried every form of iPhone case/protection there is out there (and that is almost literally true, I hate to admit), and I think the...
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    The THUNDEROUS SILENCE of this forum

    I've been rather shocked at how good my battery life has been so far. I endured "Journey to the Center of the Earth" with my 10 year old son, and got, like, 2 hours of genuine businesss work done with the speed of my 3G email (via gmail mobile on Safari). Battery only went down one bar after...