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    WiFi Toggle for JB Ver 2.2

    I be missing me my WiFi toggle! It's my most used app. WiFi drains the heck out of any device's battery, so it's sooo nice to be able to turn WiFi on and off with a single button press. But WiFi toggle isn't working for ver JB ver 2.2 yet. In fact, it won't even install - it gives you an...
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    My "push" ToDo solution

    I've found a GREAT ToDo "semi-push" alternative. I installed ToDo by Appigo software onto the iPhone. I also signed up for a Jott account. I had installed Jott on the iPhone, but I later discovered that the Jott app itself is not necessary on the iPhone. Then I signed up for a Toodledo...
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    How do I stop from losing ringtones when I sync?

    I'm using iTunes 7.5 and firmware 1.1.2, jailbroken but not unlocked. I have some ringtones I made myself from earlier, and iTunes still wipes them out when I sync. I have a .Tapp command line that swaps back my ringtones plist with the correct ringtones in them, and I have to run this and...
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    Help: how to position iPod3 icons

    I have a jailbroken 1.1.1 iPhone. I installed the ipod3 app from Installer. I love this app, because I watch a ton of videos on my iPhone, and having an icon that goes directly to video is a big help. My problem is that the two extra icons that ipod3 installs - one for "direct to ipod video"...
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    Here's how the change the Notes font

    Yes, you can change the miserable "Felt Marker" font in Notes. Here's how:
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    iPhone TV Out Workaround

    Although the above post is from another thread, I thought I'd start a new thread for my reply, since this info could prove to be useful to those who need it. Try this: put your iPhone in a UNIVERSAL dock (not the dock that came with the iPhone). Connect the dock to any TV using a standard...
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    I loved my Blackjack, but the iPhone is so much better...

    I'm repeating this post here since I think it's my duty to have some of the negatives around here balanced out by giving a voice to the silent majority of happy users. Hopefully lurkers will see that many of us are very satisfied with our iPhones. I've had over two dozen PDA/converged...
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    The Ultimate Skin Guide for iPhone

    OK first of all, I think a skin is the only way to go for my iPhone. It's sleek and slim and beautifully designed, so I would never want to cover it up and bulk it up with a case. Plus, the reports of dust getting under some of the cases and scratching up the chrome has bummed me out. I just...
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    Auto Zoom in Safari

    The zoom feature when you double tap in Safari is simple, useful, and elegant: it fills the screen with whatever frame you tap in on the web page you're in. If you double tap on a larger frame, there will be relatively less zoom, since a larger frame will be filling up the screen. If you...
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    When will we get a To Do widget?

    Anyone know? Any Apple techs out there that can at least let us know if Apple is even working on a To Do widget? Thanks!
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    iPhone To Do List?

    Does anyone know if the iPhone has a To Do List on it? I tried a search (which kept denying me because the words "to" and "do" are too short :), but no luck. I'm coming from a long line of converged PDA devices, and in some ways the iPhone will be a step back for me. I've got lots of info...