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    New iPod Shuffle

    I was checking the details of iPod Shuffle. It's the smallest digital music player which lets one listen to 240 songs at a time. It can be clipped anywhere in the pockets or in the sleeve.
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    iPod Video utility yet to pick up

    As per a recent research it has been found that Video on iPod is yet to get popular amongh the majority of iPod users. It does not surprises me since most people associate iPod with music. I think later on the percentage of people using video on iPod is sure to pick up.
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    Linux on iPod?

    The Tux on iPod! Good to have some new things always. Linux on ipod is an ongoing open source project. I have to see the special features linux brings in iPod.
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    Gift an iPod

    This is a great offer. It shows the innovative ideas of Apple. There is always a huge market of corporate gifts, which is there to be explored. I would love to be presented an iPod for a good job done.
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    Movies on iPod

    That's really a cool feature. I was just wondering about the latest on iPod. They are regularly putting in new features. I hope that the size of 80GB is more than enough.
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    iPhone is not carrier specific

    As it is now being talked upon that iPhone will not be Carrier specific, which is a great news not only to me but to many Apple enthusiasts and customers. That means this phone can be used for any carrier, which will give it a greater market share.
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    iPhone Fact

    Nobody is sure about that date. It is a suspense we have to go with for some time till, may be till January. The website though is only following the policies of Apple.
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    Asian Market

    It is difficult to predict the future. But going by the success rate of Apple products I am sure iPhone has a bright future ahead. I have found many have only appreciation in their eyes when they hear iPhone is coming.
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    The looks of iPhone

    I think I have seen that photo which you are refering to . As because photo of iPhone are a rarerity, so we have to be satisfied with that one ony. May be we will find some changes in the design when it ships out.
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    iPhone Fact

    I think Apple initially thought about iPhone project during the period of 1999-2000. But then due to some reason shelved the project. Now because they are launching iPhone the site will be active again, that is what I feel.
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    Asian Market

    I feel that Apple will strongly target Asia to market iPhone in a big way. Of course it will be launched in the US market initially, but at the same time will have special plans for Asia. There are some developments like Motorola's increased presense in Asia, fast improving economy of China and...
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    The looks of iPhone

    I am eagerly waiting for the first glimpse of iPhone. It would be interesting to to know whether iPhone will be having a more Motorola type of look or will have the nice clean looks of Apple.
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    Motorola and iPhone

    I think iPhone is going to be a big hit when it is released. I think association with Motorola will be giving iPhone a positive start and a great future. Motorola is a Mobile Phone giant having years of experience in the market.
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    What will be the selling target for iPhones

    Yes, Apple must be targeting it's customer base of iPod. They will go all out to get the most out of it's user base. I know those who have purchased Apple product will surely wait for iPhone.
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    Will you buy an iPhone?

    I will go for iPhone as and when it is available. The reason being it is a product from Apple. Moreover I feel iPhone will have iPod in-built in the phone, so I have all what I need in the phone.
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    I expect the iPhone to have a bigger screen

    I would love a bigger screen and clear characters. If it is like an iPod screen then I think it would be easier to read. I really do not like the screens offered in some phones which are currently available in the market.
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    Is this ever going to happen?

    It is not a hoax, it is just a marketing policy to keep everything under the carpet. So when the product is launched everyone shows interest. But this policy has it's own risk attached to it.
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    More on iSync

    iSync is a software application which runs under Mac OS X. It is used to synchronize data between .Mac and devices like iPods, mobile phones etc. Which means this software is used convert data from small devices to a computer.