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    Apple TV 2 on eBay

    Didn't mean to be rude, sorry you took it that way, truth be told, this is mild compared to what I'm subjected from time to time. Nevertheless, my apologies
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    The Apple TV2 is the coolest gadget I have bought in years!

    Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinkloginI've got everything networked through an Apple airport extreme. It's even better now that imam able to use airplay with airvideo. Perfect set up imo.
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    Can I connect Apple TV to TV with RCA cable connections?

    You can get a 40 inch toshiba HDTV for $389 at Walmart. They aren't that expensive.
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    Recommended Podcasts?

    I would direct, if you review stuff the companies send you stuff for free.
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    Should I get the Apple TV?

    The latest Apple TV is the 3rd Gen, which allows for 1080P, AirPlay and other things. The cool thing with the 3rd Gen. is the mirroring.
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    Release date for Apple TV (2015)?

    I do have the old one to use until Christmas. I think I'm going to send my old one Nox Vidmate VLC to a buddy of mine who I know would appreciate it. I thought about selling it to my daughter, but I think I'd rather give it to my buddy instead.
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    Bluetooth Rant

    toggled it back on and Bluetooth was active on Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin the phone but the headset did not automatically connect, which is fine because I just had to press the talk button on the headset to get it to connect. I didn't have to go into Settings at all.
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    iPhone X Which new iPhone are you going to get?

    That beautiful device will get small scratches at the very least. Nox Vidmate VLC
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    How can I print text messages on iPhone?

    I tried that. It reverts to my number. ? reverse image search email checker port checker
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    Apple TV will get an OS update on September 18th, 2013, according to AllThingsD

    I know it's most likely always been on there but how easy would it be just to use a regular cable that plugs into every other Apple device.
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    Airplay on Apple TV

    Supposedly this somehow prevents competition with their more traditional revenue streams.
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    Cutting the cord

    You overlook the topic of this thread. Neither device allows the user to very effectively "cut the cord" with their cable provider.
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    Yet another Apple TV issue

    I get done watching something. I was letting the Apple tv turn itself off. Doing that I could not mirror or playing anything from my iTunes server.
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    Do I need an Apple TV?

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    Hulu comes to the Apple TV

    I like my cable service with DVR we record and watch what we want when we want. We record most of our shows.
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    Do I need an Apple TV?

    I don't understand why they go for so much but I guess they have a cult following and people pay big bucks for them..
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    No love for the iPad Pro?

    there wasn't any store close enough that had it available so I chose delivery.
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    you're probably seeing Google's 'My Contacts' in your address book. For every person who sends you an email, Google keeps a record of them in your Google Contacts. The unfortunate side effect is, if you ever sync your Google Contacts to another contact list (such as your iPhone address book), it...
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    iPad message app issue

    to have to constantly tap the persons name for a conversation to come back up. But that's just me.