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    Shouldn't AT&T exchange for this?

    I purchased for my daughter a new 16G 3GS at 8:00 PM last night at our local AT&T store. She did not attempt to make a call on it until this morning. There is a TERRIBLE scratching noise. She went back to the same AT&T store and they are telling her that she has to send it to Apple? This...
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    Voice Memo via MMS

    Everybody may already be aware of this but I just stumbled upon the feature this morning. Pretty neat! I may actually use MMS now :)
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    Icon swap?

    I wish now that I had taken a picture of this. Yesterday I picked up my phone to make a call and instinctively hit the icon in the lower left corner. Much to my surprise my e-mail started to download. When I hit the home button I noticed that my Phone and Mail icons had switched places! I...
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    Add Custom Label

    Woo hoo! I've had my phone since iDay and just "discovered" this feature tonight :angry: I frequently place to go orders from a restaurant that has two locations. I could never remember which phone number belonged to which! Very cool!
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    Things I learned at church today

    A) Even if you put your phone on silent while your 2 year old grandaughter is entertaining herself by playing with your coverflow, sound can still miraculously errupt from the iPod. B) "It's My Party" doesn't go well with the preachers sermon on forgiveness. c) It's almost impossible to find...
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    How do I sync contacts from phone back to computer?

    I'm preparing my phone to download the new update. I have contacts synched from my Outlook address book and those that have been "manually" added. How do I sync back to my computer contacts that have been manually added to my phone?
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    Never Thought It Would Happen To Me :(

    Like many others, I received my store credit last Friday. For whatever reason, I decided to only use 1/2 of it (on an iTunes Gift Card). I attempted to use the remaining $50 today to purchase another Gift Card, and you guessed it, balance $0. I spoke to an Apple rep at the store credit line...
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    All Playlists Duplicated?

    I'm not really sure when this happened but I did not notice it until after I updated iTunes today, but ALL of my playlists are duplicated? Is it "safe" to delete one of each of them? What could have caused this?
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    DVD to iPhone Conversion for the Technology Challanged (Like Me!)

    I have read and re-read multiple times each of the threads/discussions for converting your DVD's to the iPhone. I have tried many of the suggested free programs with varying degrees of success. Quite frankly, some were just to difficult (for me anyway) to use. Too many decisions to make, too...