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    Firmware 1.1.3 ?

    Sorry if this has been reported elsewhere ... couldn't find anything. Anyone know anything more about this?
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    How many have recommended iPhones?

    .... to friends, relatives, neighbors .. whoever - and they ended up buying? I just "sold" my 4th one since Labor Day.
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    Unlimited voice minutes

    Is there such an plan for unlimited voice minutes? I've got a friend who wants to leave Nextel and get an iPhone ... .but she needs mega minutes. Went to the web site - most I saw was 6000 minutes for $219.99. I know for most normal humans that is a boat load of minutes .... and she knows about...
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    PC help/questions

    Have a friend who has gone "bonkers" over my iPhone and is very seriously thinking of one. He's out of Sprint contract with a Treo 650. Running Windows XP (pro) He's asked if I will help "set it up" especially with contacts and email. I told him "sure". I have no clue with PC's! I wouldn't know...
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    Finally got my iPhone

    Early (1 week) birthday present from significant other. Activation was done in 5 minutes tops. Simple stupid. I am having a ball! :laugh2: