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    Usage/Standby meter reading the exact same time

    I haven't been able to find a solution for this through searching, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. My usage and standby battery meter is reading the same time after charges. Something must be running in the background or something because now I need to charge just about everyday and I'm...
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    iTunes 7.7 not recognizing

    This happened to me last year with version 1 and it took me a week to figure out that an application called Applemobiledericeservice.exe was being blocked by my firewall from executing. I would check to make sure that that application isn't being blocked or anything otherwise iTunes won't...
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    Phone all jacked up

    Does the restore wipe out my contacts and messages and stuff? I've never had to do that. Is it going to put me back to version 1.1 and not 2.0?
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    Phone all jacked up

    I'm wondering if this is a hardware problem not the software. I've been having a problem with the vibrating switch lately and sometimes I give it a whack on the back to get it working. I wonder if it has come back to bite me in the ass. May be getting the new phone after all.
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    Phone all jacked up

    Just realized that my phone is like completely bricked. Can't receive or place calls or texts, and can't do anything that involves the internet. It was fine after the 2.0 upgrade and then I did get a phone call earlier this afternoon and it hasn't worked since.
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    Phone all jacked up

    After downloading 2.0 I have a bunch of problems. First of all, I can place or receive calls. I notice there's no Edge thing next to the AT&T. Someone on my floor has an iPhone and they are getting full signal. This has happened once before, so I'm not all that concerned. Yet. More...
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    8am est grrrrrr

    I did around 8:20
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    8am est grrrrrr

    Guess that was nothing, it's restoring my music right now.
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    8am est grrrrrr

    30+ minutes so far, and still cranking. It says activation alert, no signal detected, signal is required to complete activation on the screen right now which is making me nervous because I'm already late for work if this bombs or something.
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    8am est grrrrrr

    Just came up for me as well, downloading now.
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    Broken vibrate/ring switch?

    Haven't restored, but have reset a bunch of times. Yes, the vibrate setting is always the first thing i check before to make sure it's on before i start rapping the back of it.
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    Broken vibrate/ring switch?

    I have a similar problem, but mine will toggle between the volume and vibrate, but when it's in the vibrate setting it won't vibrate and it's just silent. This just started happening recently. I dropped the phone a few months ago, but it still worked after that, so i'm not sure what this is...
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    New Samsungcrap, err phone

    Just fooled around with a co-workers new Samsung instinct i think it is. Let me tell you that I was very unimpressed. Felt like a plastic piece of crap. Touch screen wasn't nearly as responsive and i had to punch the screen. No smooth scrolling like the iPhone. Man when Jobs says that it's...
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    Something to think about.

    I was thinking, and I think a realistic upgrade to the 3G iPhone for me will be when I need a battery replacement for the first version. You're looking at $85 to get the battery replaced (unless that's changed) and only $200 for a brand new phone. After 400 or so charges, you'll be at 80%...
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    Can Apple Really Sell 10M 3GS?

    It'll receive both.
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    The new iPhone 3G is not enough for me.

    After thinking about it for a few days, I've decided that I'm not going to be getting the new 3G phone at this time, for many of the reasons already stated. I will at some point, but this isn't a go to the store on July 11th and wait in line situation. There are numerous reasons and I've...
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    Straight from At&t; at least $10/month more for 3G plans

    So basically this is going to be like starting from scratch all over again like last June (new 2-year agreement, probably new activation through iTunes, etc). Not just upgrading the phone.
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    Sounds not working at all

    Thanks. I'm thinking the same thing. It was working fine until today and last night I used the headphones. I was wondering if it it thinks that they're still plugged in or something, but don't have a pair with me to plug in.
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    Sounds not working at all

    I just realized that I've got no sounds on my iPhone aside from the main phone rings. Text message, keyboard clicks, even the ipod through the speaker isn't working. What could be causing this? I've rebooted a number of times and that's not working. Do I have to do a reset on iTunes? I'd...
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    Your first WOW moment w/iPhone

    Mine came about a month after I bought the phone and I went on a weekend vacation and used just about every function on the phone. All the way from Google maps to internet to calls. It was incredible. Second to that was when I was on a plane and was watching movies in like perfect clarity.