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    No Keyboard Clicks "Sound"

    Okay gang, After applying for, and receiving my Apple Store credit for being one of the early adopters of the iPhone; it's a coincidence that no matter what I click on, off, on, off within the settings menu... I no longer hear the Keyboard Clicks while typing. What am I missing? I have shut...
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    Original (Virgin) iPhone

    I get on this site as the mood strikes, and read, and read some more. And as the "mood" strikes, I'll post some (lame) question revealing my ignorance, and sit back and read some more. Having one of the original iPhones as made available to the public on June 29, I think about how I'm going...
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    SMS - Full my a#@! (Question)

    The original post of "SMS - Full my a#@!" features a jpeg image to help explain the question posted. I've got a question about the jpeg image. What is the symbol just to the left of the battery indicator shown in that image. What does it denote? (Image re-attached to this post for...
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    Edge (Speed) Vs. WiFi (Speed)

    When the iPhone was first released, there were lots of comments posted by those seeming to have knowledge about the speed of the Edge Network verses the WiFi connection speed. Having traveled between Ohio, and Michigan quite frequently in major metropolitan areas such as Detroit, Chicago...
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    The Dark Storm has Past

    Whew! The clouds were looking pretty dark here last night. What a storm we endured. The Winds blew All Night long. Lightening struck all around us. Tornado's hit us from places we never would have expected. The poor souls Manning the Forum here were inundated with calls for help, Alarm, and...
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    "Why Are we not allowed to Complain?"

    I was totally taken a-back by the last post, "posted" by Kabeyun regarding the locking of the thread about "Why are we not able to complain?" I looked back at what post he/she may have contributed to with-in the thread, and felt kind of "empty". To post exactly what the last statement he/she...
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    Leaving for Paris w/iPhone

    Leaving for Paris with iPhone. It'll be interesting to find out if it really works there. Anyone have any first hand knowledge that it does? John
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    Anyone found Link to written instructions?

    I've been looking around for a link to actual written instructions on using all the features of the iPhone. Written. Not a video. Written. You know, something that's available to "read" on the web. Not the brief "Finger Tips" supplied with the iPhone. An actual Manual of Operation. Point...
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    Setting up on Vista, get this message:

    Not successful yet in setting up the iPhone using Windows Vista. The very latest version of iTunes has been loaded, and drivers updated. The following message comes up after clicking the "continue" button at the very beginning of activation process: "Your iPhone activation has expired. To...
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    Who ‘ya Gonna Call First?

    I’ve never been fond of the saying “Good Luck”. It’s as if the person saying it really means “Get Lost”. After reading countless threads over the last few weeks, and posting a couple of messages myself, it seems like now is as a good a time as any to wish everyone out there that...
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    Life Obsessed in the iPhone Bubble

    Ok, this is my last post for a Saturday night. I promise not to instigate anything other than posts based on actual fact(s) after this. For example, I will be purchasing an iPhone on the 29th of June. In the meantime... Despite all the wonderful hype, glitz, product...
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    6 PM Launch Time Theory

    6 PM Launch Time Theory. When it was initially announced that the iPhone would be released on a Friday night at 6 PM local time, I said to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding!” How in the world can we form a line among customers already crowding the market place? Everybody and...
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    Any first time cell phone purchasers?

    Hey energetic crowd, Are there any first time cell phone purchasers reading any of these threads? The other day, I saw a comment from an industry executive saying that anyone who wants a cell phone, has a cell phone. Just wanted to let the statistic hounds know that...