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    experiencing problems of "no service" after jailbreak

    I've been Jailbroke for months but, lately had to restore and re-jailbreak. Afterward I am experiencing problems of "no service". I just restored back to factory and have service just fine. can anyone tell me what the issue would be?
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    iPhone snags my hair

    the seam between the chrome and the brushed metal on my iPhone snags my hair when i put it up to my ear to use it. anyone else have this issue? I am pondering taking it back to exchange it. do you think this to be a valid reason to exchange. I have no other issues with it and am very happy with...
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    anyone used the iPod feature in their cars?

    if so how did you hook it up? ie roadtrip, fm transmitter, 30 pin direct cable setup? I hooked it to my fm transmitter with no luck music came out of the iPhone speaker and no my car....:frown:
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    What version of os X?

    just had this question run through my head. What version of OS X is the iPhone os X tiger or leopard? any body got a guess?
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    how to get contact info off SIM card on cingular 2125?

    title says it all. i have a 2125 and when I sync it it only grabs the contacts that are not on the sim. is there a way to get the contacts from the sim card into my address book app. in os x?