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    iPod Video utility yet to pick up

    As per a recent research it has been found that Video on iPod is yet to get popular amongh the majority of iPod users. It does not surprises me since most people associate iPod with music. I think later on the percentage of people using video on iPod is sure to pick up.
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    iPhone is not carrier specific

    As it is now being talked upon that iPhone will not be Carrier specific, which is a great news not only to me but to many Apple enthusiasts and customers. That means this phone can be used for any carrier, which will give it a greater market share.
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    Asian Market

    I feel that Apple will strongly target Asia to market iPhone in a big way. Of course it will be launched in the US market initially, but at the same time will have special plans for Asia. There are some developments like Motorola's increased presense in Asia, fast improving economy of China and...
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    The looks of iPhone

    I am eagerly waiting for the first glimpse of iPhone. It would be interesting to to know whether iPhone will be having a more Motorola type of look or will have the nice clean looks of Apple.
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    More on iSync

    iSync is a software application which runs under Mac OS X. It is used to synchronize data between .Mac and devices like iPods, mobile phones etc. Which means this software is used convert data from small devices to a computer.