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  1. Mrallank59

    iPhone 6s Stay or upgrade

    Hello family. I’ve been using the 6+S for a few years, now. Apple is coming out with so many phones; I don’t know what to do. I wish iPhones still got me excited but they don’t. I want something with a lot of bells and whistles.what should I do? I don’t mind bout the money. Which of the 10s is...
  2. Mrallank59

    Newest iPad Pro.

    I have an iPad Pro that I got this time last year. It’s the 10.5 inch I think. Are the new pros the same or better? Also I’m thinking of moving up to the 12.9 inch. Does anyone have the newest model and what do you think? Allan Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Mrallank59

    Can't connect on my iPad Pro

    I can connect with my iPhone but I can't connect with my iPad Pro. This is the notice that I get. Allan[emoji3][emoji3]
  4. Mrallank59

    Why even have a MacBook?

    I don't post often so if this is cheesy or has already been covered, please forgive me. What I'm wandering is.. What's the sense in a MacBook? I can do everything on my IPad. Everything being equal the one thing that stands out is playing games. Unless there is something I'm not aware of, I can...
  5. Mrallank59

    iPhone 6s My screen is black.

    The other day I was hitting bottoms and the next thing I know, my screen is black. If I hit it, it will speak but I can't make it turn back on. I tried rebooting it like a phone. I held both buttons. The Apple shows up but then goes away. Can any help me straighten this out
  6. Mrallank59

    iPhone 6s Smashed screen

    Today I broke the screen on my 6s+. I used to wonder how some one could be so clumsy. My question: do they do decent work at those mall kiosks, where they replace phone screens? At was an avoidable crash. I had taken off the LifeProof case to use my Olloclip. The good part is, atleast it fell...
  7. Mrallank59

    What happened when I dug my old iPod Classic out of the closet

    I haven't seen this in several years. I was just browsing the iPod forum and decided to dig this little gem out of hiding. I'm charging it up right now. It's about 8 years old. Hopefully everything works okay
  8. Mrallank59

    MacBook Pro Virus software????!?

    From time to time I get an email. Advertising Micromat tool 8. I haven't purchased it. I know that in the past it was said to not use virus software. Is this still the case, or is advisable to use virus software, now? Thanks, Allan Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Mrallank59

    Apologizing in advance.

    I'm sure this has already been discussed but I don't know where to look for it. I'm referring to this U2. Thing. Can I delete this stuff via ITunes on my laptop? Why would iTunes or who ever, do this in the first place? This has to be illegal.
  10. Mrallank59

    Can't access FB through the icon/ installed app

    I can access FB by using a browser, but not the app. When I open the app it says enter the password for mrallank. I can also access FB through the app on my iPhone. I can enter my current password and it says that it's incorrect but it won't let me create a new one. When I use my phone or...
  11. Mrallank59

    Does Apple make it easy for government to access our private data?

    Didn't Apple just patch something that allowed the government to go in and get users info? My concern is, with the release of the iPhone 6, Apple will have made it so the US government can have easy access to all of our private info.
  12. Mrallank59

    New iOS 7.1 update and jailbreaking

    I just updated to 7.1 and lost my JB. I assume I can just JB again? Sent using iCafe app
  13. Mrallank59

    Newest Jailbreak not ready for prime time?

    This is the first time I have jail broken my iPhone, and I wasn't very impressed with what I could do. 80% of the stuff in winter board do nothing. I've been able able to add an icon to the dock. Add a 5th column and Change the carrier name. I'm afraid to buy an app for fear that most of it...