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    Movies on iPod

    Yes, movies can also be watched on your iPod.There are movies available in iTunes store. After purchasing the movie just sync them onto an iPod. As iPod's now have 80GB capacity, so you have a theatre on your pocket. That's a cool feature.
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    Linux on iPod?

    There is an ongoing project for having Linux installed in iPod. The Project has achieved a great success when it has been found working correctly in all systems but at least one reported case. Anyone here have any more idea on this?
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    Gift an iPod

    Apple has initiated a Corporate Gift program for a better market share of iPod. An iPod can be really a great boost to the team's moral in a corporate sector when being gifted by the Company to it's employees.
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    What kind of camera will iPhone have?

    Anyone here has any idea regarding the expected Camera feature of iPhone. I am interested in having a cool camer in my phone. I expect iPhone should have a high end megal-pixel camera.
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    Target buyers

    From the initial specifications it gives me the feeling that iPhone will be a high-end product. The target audience will be high end buyers. If my observation is correct then will it not minimize the scope of sales.