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  1. MoneyMaker79

    MacBook Pro 10.12 Sierra Public Beta 2

    Does anybody have a Macbook Pro with this version of the public beta? My Macbook Pro will barely work with this. I know they say that things happen on betas, but to the point where you can't use it barely? What's strange is it is fine on my iMac but not my Mac. I just want to see if anybody else...
  2. MoneyMaker79

    Cydia Error: I have continued to get the error "Encountered a section with no Package: header"

    This has been posted in the past, but I responded and got no response recently. I have continued to get the error "Encountered a section with no Package: header" when Cydia refreshes. I have tried uninstalling my sources that I installed myself, but it still shows error. The fixes online are a...
  3. MoneyMaker79

    My Life Blog

    Hello. My name is Michael. I am not new here but I rarely post a new topic. I thought I would though to now let those who somewhat know of me what I am doing with my life. I am a 25 year old unemployed college graduate. For the past month I have been applying for jobs but also writing on my new...
  4. MoneyMaker79


    Very cool tweak that I just tested out and it works perfectly. If you worry that someone will get into your phone even without a computer/iTunes, this will make that impossible unless they know your secret hand/finger gesture. If you have/use touchID, you can still use that to unlock your...
  5. MoneyMaker79

    10.10.3 Beta

    Please do not install this 10.10.3 beta if you have the opportunity to if you are in the program. It causes coding to appear everywhere on the screen and then it crashes when you try to login, and then goes back to login screen. You won't be able to get to desktop. :p If you care to know, it...
  6. MoneyMaker79

    Voicemail Notification

    I figured I would make a new thread for this as the others are from long long ago iOS. I am on an iPhone 6+, iOS 8.1.2 and maybe for 2 or 3 iOS updates now it has been I haven't seen any notifications that I have voicemail. I know I could go through the others or look online for a possible...
  7. MoneyMaker79

    Standard or Zoomed?

    Simple question, but I am curious if you are using the standard or zoomed version of the home screen?
  8. MoneyMaker79

    iPhone locked, home button pressed, Siri opens

    I have never seen any type of question or issue like this. I am jailbroken of course, but nothing I have would cause this, nor do I have any activator settings for this. My iPhone is fully locked. I press home button quickly once to see time or to unlock, and every now and then Siri pops up.
  9. MoneyMaker79

    Full Red Moon Tonight!

    Will anyone be staying up to see it? I read online the next time the moon will be red won't be until 2098.
  10. MoneyMaker79

    Where can I sign up for Mac OS X Yosemite beta?

    Does anyone know yet where anyone can sign up as a beta tester for Yosemite?
  11. MoneyMaker79

    Calls go straight to voicemail

    This was an issue a week or two ago, and now it's an issue again. Two times a company called me today and it went straight to voicemail. They left two voicemails. They say it's not an issue on their end, it's on my end. iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.6. And of course, I am jailbroken. I need this fixed...
  12. MoneyMaker79

    Cydia App - Trick to iOS 7

    Is it possible any way at all to trick my iPhone to thinking it is on iOS 7 to install an app from the App Store that is only for iOS 7? I have not seen this in Cydia, but hey it can't hurt to ask. :)
  13. MoneyMaker79

    Non-OEM iPhone 5 Lightning Cables

    Thankfully I was able to buy 5 of the chargers on eBay for only $6.50. This just recently happened today to one of the new chargers I got. It was working fine until just 15 minutes ago. Tell me if this has happened to you. As you can tell, the charge part is now out. When I put it back in, it...
  14. MoneyMaker79

    Sound issue on call

    Hello all! I have just started noticing a new issue with my sound while on a phone call on my iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.2. While I'm on the call and a text message is about to come in and comes in, the sound of the other person goes way out and I can barely hear them. Also one call when a text message...
  15. MoneyMaker79

    iPhone freezes when I try to lock with Pandora playing

    I am unsure if this is Jailbreak related, but for some reason my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.2 freezes when I press my lock button when Pandora music is playing. I have to then do a hard reset. I read a question on Yahoo answers about this, and someone posted to make sure all other applications...
  16. MoneyMaker79

    Cydia not able to fully load.

    Hello. Today I have been going through Cydia and adding iOS 7 tweaks and themes, and removing some trying to get my iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.2 to look like iOS 7 to the best that it can. But now my Cydia is not able to load/refresh fully. It has continued for the past few hours to say Error: POSIX...
  17. MoneyMaker79

    Safe Mode Problem

    Every now and then as of late I am going into safe mode. My situation, however, is not going to safe mode constantly. It happens at very odd times. My phone was in my pocket earlier after I used it to send a text message, then I brought it back out when I got home and it was in safe mode, and...
  18. MoneyMaker79

    Derailed iOS Theme

    This theme is amazing, with over 118 icon changes to make your springboard alive! Currently Compatible with iOS 5/6. What is also great is that more icons will become available in new updates. I just sent my apps that I use to the developer, who will make the icons with the best possible...
  19. MoneyMaker79

    Cydia Not Refreshing

    Hello Jailbreak Family! My Cydia app on my iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2 has not been refreshing at all for the past 5 hours. It refreshed just fine earlier and showed new tweaks/apps. Now it is saying "Error: POXIX: Connection refused."
  20. MoneyMaker79

    Looking for BEST car mount/holder!

    Hello. I am looking for a car mount/holder possibly one that mounts or sits on the dashboard. I am looking for one that could hold an iPhone 4 with the Otterbox case still on it. Also hold a GPS / Portable Radio. If anybody has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it!