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  1. KNK

    Well i guess thats it

    I AM DISAPPOINTED TO SAY THE LEAST Screen door hits my ass>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. KNK


    Enclosed please find an open letter to EIC from OJsakila sent to KNK 08/12/2009 8:29pm...
  3. KNK

    My Buddy OJsakilla..I need him back @ EIC

    Yeah that's right, my good buddy, I found him over on Twitter @OJsakilla . would love to see him back here as well as kokogirl donturner182 aggieman Lincoln youngbinks etc. So I am asking CHRIS to let him come back and be a part of this community, he really misses EIC and will be good. I...
  4. KNK

    KNK Goes 1.1.3 Down 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 Then 1.1.3

    As you know I said I would wait a few days before jailbreaking the 1.1.3 so I waited until last night. I used this howto which was excellent. I originally saw it on MMI but that place is either so slow or is down, so I found the same poster "Sidetalker" at the site ref there. I started with a...
  5. KNK

    FSJ "MacWorld Suspense is Killing you, right?

    Well, here is more today. The suspense is killing you, right? So I was just hanging out in the executive sweat lodge with Jonny and we were laughing about how all the fanboys are just salivating and drooling and peeing in their pants this week wondering what we're going to announce next...
  6. KNK

    FSJ "We are going to blow your mind next week"

    Read this today, more speculation: We are going to blow your mind next week I can't get into details but we have something really big and really super surprising for you next week. I'm not talking about the flashbook or the new software for iPhone or the movie rentals on iTunes. I'm talking...
  7. KNK

    I Just Discovered Spell Check

    I have been here at this forum since July 2007. And today I am a real idiot, I just discovered that on the right side of the panel where you post is a green checkmark for spell checking. So that means people who have trouble typing can now correct it. CHRIS you did a great job here.
  8. KNK

    This Just In From Fake Steve Site

    Just grabed this from his site, also he has a list to post wishes for the iPhone. How could this amazing device be improved? Not that we really give a crap what you want -- you'll take what we give you, and you'll like it -- but I'm sitting here with Jony and we've had a few drinks and...
  9. KNK

    Steve Jobs Named Most Powerful BisPerson In The World

    This is coming From Fortune Mag...Stevo is #1: 1. Steve Jobs Chairman and CEO, Apple During the first two decades of his remarkable 30-year career, the Apple Inc. founder twice altered the direction of the computer industry. In 1977 the Apple II kicked off the PC era, and the graphical user...
  10. KNK

    New 2008 Calif Cellphone LAWS

    I just read this online this morning in regards to cellphone use in the cars. I am going to send this to Steve Jobs, he needs to get the voice calling capabilities completed by July! Hands-Free In July: Later in the year, a state law goes into effect prohibiting drivers from using cell...
  11. KNK

    Knk finally reveals himself

    Hello Everyone KNK here, you know me, the guy who really has fun here. Guess it is time for me to reveal and tell you about myself. I live in Stevenson Ranch, California with my darling wife who puts up with me and our 9 year old son going on 15. I used to work for Boeing on the 737 and the...
  12. KNK

    Just Noticed How Many People on EIC

    I just took a look at 7:20pm in California as to how many people are on this forum 79 members and 1486 Guests...wooow...that many people just lurking around...that is amazing. To all the Guest welcome to the forum and have a happy new year. We can answer all your questions, we invite you to...
  13. KNK

    My Friend OJ

    Here you go OJ found this today, you are still famous :smile: NEW YORK - Court TV, R.I.P. The network that burst into public consciousness with the O.J. Simpson trial and other big-name courtroom dramas in the 1990s becomes part of television history Tuesday, renamed truTV to emphasize its...
  14. KNK

    Congrats To ColsTiger on 3000 posts

    Congrats, man you are the man at 3000 Posts.
  15. KNK

    iTunes & iGadgets on Xmas Day..Lookout

    It is very slow on the Forum today, everyone out shopping. Well, Christmas day is here in a few days. Any bets that iTunes will be able to handle all the new people with the new gadgets to activate and sync and download movies songs etc. Remember last Christmas, iTunes said go away we are...