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  1. nobbie

    Best Free Twitter App?

    So, I want to give Twitter a try. What's the best free app to follow Twitter? Best pay app? And is it worth the money?
  2. nobbie

    Cellmate Handsfree iPhone Holder!

    As seen at CES! Awesome! You can basically mount an iPhone to your head. Who wants one?
  3. nobbie

    Night Camera for 99 Cents: eliminates shaky night pics

    Did a search and didn't see this mentioned. Night Camera for an intro price of 99 cents uses the accelerometer to determine the best time to take a picture in low-light situations. Hmmmm.....
  4. nobbie

    Bejeweled 2 Reduced 60% to $2.99!

    I feel your pain. But, we can't look at it that way. Those of us who bought early, got to enjoy the app earlier. Now, we know to wait. Unless...we really, REALLY have to have it, NOW!:2cool:
  5. nobbie

    Bejeweled 2 Reduced 60% to $2.99!

    For a limited time only, the App Store has Bejeweled 2 is on sale for $2.99. For that price, it's definitely worth it, no?
  6. nobbie

    DLO Static Surface Shields

    So, there's no annoying reflection?
  7. nobbie

    Picoli is on sale for $2.99!

    Until the update is made available, the developer has Picoli downloads discounted to $2.99! Seems to be more robust than CameraBag. Though, I'll still keep CameraBag for the quick fun shots! Here's a screengrab of the sharpen function:
  8. nobbie

    CameraBag reduced to $2.99!

    Agreed. CameraBag is more of a fun novelty. I enjoy it for how quick and simple it dresses up pics. The others are more serious. FYI: Picoli is on sale for $2.99!
  9. nobbie

    CameraBag reduced to $2.99!

    They added two new filters with the most recent update: The Ansel Filter (as in Ansel Adams): And the Infrared Filter (spoooky):
  10. nobbie

    "Easy Relax" FREE for a limited time!

    Seems pretty cool. 20MB is huge! Free is awesome! I'm just now checking it out. Feel like a trip to wonderland during tea break? All you need is Easy-relax! Unlike other ambient noise applications, Easy Relax takes full advantage of the sound power of iPhone with which you can design your own...
  11. nobbie

    AT&T Referral Program... Lets Start Fresh

    Does this only apply to AT&T customers opting for 2-year contracts?
  12. nobbie

    CameraBag reduced to $2.99!

    From the developer's site: The cameras included in CameraBag: -"Helga" - A square-format toy camera feel with washed-out highlights and old-school vignetting. -"1974" - This is your father's camera. Faded, tinted, and hip. -"Lolo" - Shoot from the hip and take life as it comes with vibrant...
  13. nobbie

    CameraBag reduced to $2.99!

    It is, but I noticed a little bug I'll tell the developer about. It appears, movement and scaling before applying filters doesn't stick. And, it'd be nice to adjust placement, scaling and cropping with the filter applied.
  14. nobbie

    CameraBag reduced to $2.99!

    I believe it was $4.99 at first.
  15. nobbie

    CameraBag reduced to $2.99!

    Looks pretty cool. Saves me the hassle of going into photoshop after the fact! Here's a little test I did applying the filters to a shot I took with the iPhone: Original Photo: Helga Filter: 1974 Filter: Cinema Filter: Lolo Filter: 1962 Filter: I think they're pretty cool effects. The...
  16. nobbie

    iDayZ for iPhone and iPod Touch

    What does it do, Mr. Spammer? ;)
  17. nobbie

    i. TV - One Stop TV & Movies

    If it could control my D*/HD/Tivo at home, that would be the shizzle!
  18. nobbie

    Transfer App Store Apps From iPhone to iPod Touch?

    There might be a distinct possibility that I'll be switching phones in the near future. I'd still like to keep my AppStore applications I downloaded and installed on my iPhone. I'll wipe the iPhone clean, of course, before selling it. But, is there a way to transfer them? I do own them...
  19. nobbie

    PhoneSaber Returning and to Remain Free!

    I get rolled eyes about 50% of the time. And major excitement the other. It's very polarizing. The unabashedly geeky love it. While the poseurs who think they're cool bash it. :D