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  1. OJsakila

    New PC gonna screw up my iPhone?

    Ok I'm getting a new pc next week that has vista 64 installed instead of the XP that I have now. Making the purchase, it never occurred to me about issues pertaining to iTunes and the iPhone and it's compatibility with 64bit versions of Vista. Should I expect horror and frustration? I've had...
  2. OJsakila

    I know you won't actually read it but....

    Criticizing a religion is something that makes people squeamish, especially in the paranoid culture of political correctness. Christians say that we are to love, not judge. Jews, after millennia of persecution, are terrified of even the perception of intolerance. Secular humanists, in deference...
  3. OJsakila

    Happy Birthday Saverino!

    Have a great day.:laugh2:
  4. OJsakila

    2.2 firmware to have Google street view

    I just saw this on iPhone hacks Apple has seeded its developers of the iPhone Developer program with the second beta version of iPhone Firmware 2.2. Mac Rumors is reporting that iPhone Firmware 2.2 beta 2 has Google' Street View fully enabled. So we can expect the feature whenever the firmware...
  5. OJsakila

    Stupid lag issue thread #74

    Another lagging thread. I have searched and reread all threads pertaining to my issue. I posted in half of them, too. Most are weeks old and maybe there's some progress. I am jailbroken with 2.1, run an XP system and DO NOT have Bossprefs installed. I do have status notifier installed since...
  6. OJsakila

    Mr. Goodtimes

    Content deleted. I'd delete the poll if I knew how. It's late. Goodnight
  7. OJsakila

    Red Dragon is on!

    Heavy. Anthony Hopkins. What elese can I say. It's on right now. Liver and fava beans anyone?
  8. OJsakila

    I'm Going to Jail!

    LAS VEGAS — O.J. Simpson was found guilty late Friday on all 12 counts stemming from a confrontation in a hotel room last year, including armed robbery and kidnapping. Here's the story.
  9. OJsakila

    Have you seen this screen yet?

    Has anyone seen this screen? WTF? First time in way over a year and several iPhones... I think i tried to reboot while Cydia was trying to load. Fortunatley, I didn't freak and got the screen shot. I simply rebooted again and alls well. I am posting this with the pic now.
  10. OJsakila

    Remember 911

    just a thread reminding us to "not forget!" God Bless.
  11. OJsakila

    What I Don't Like About Jailbraking

    I'm AT&T and running 3g on 2.0.2 and have the latest iTunes on an XP machine. After using both qickpwn and winpwn, my phone seems to crash from safari more often and longer lags when accessing my contacts or even the INTERNET. Sometimes I experience the awful lags when posting here and...
  12. OJsakila

    Hurricane Thread

    well Hannah is supposed to slam right ontop of the Savannah/Hilton Head area about 4ish... I've been through plenty of these and don't expect a whole lot but I'm gonna ride it out and if there's any pictures worth taking, I'll post them here...
  13. OJsakila

    Any trouble w/ winpwn & accessing sites?

    Just used winpwn 2.5 to jailbrake my 2.0.2 3g iPhone. I thought all was fine until I realised the phone wouldn't remember my sign in stuff when browsing my favorite sites. I would have to re sign in everytime. I remember on my v1 phone a cookie fix for the same problem back with 1.1.2...
  14. OJsakila

    WTF eic?

    I thought we just talked about this... Now I can't see anything from my iPhone on this new site. Very disappointed. Anyway to go back to the way it was? This is ten times more difficult than I imagined it could ever be.
  15. OJsakila

    TINMAN, Where art thou?

    it's been a long time since I've seen a post from Tinman, this sites TRUE pioneer and greatest poster of all time. No nonsense and extremley technically saavy, I question his whereabouts... Those were the days.
  16. OJsakila

    How do you EIC?

    just curious as to how everyone accesses this site.
  17. OJsakila

    Contacts OFF of phone and onto Outlook

    here's the problem. I reformatted my harddrive on my pc today and forgot to upload them to google. I do have them on my phone but I'm afraid they'll be gone during a first synch with a fresh iTunes... Any idea how to get them off he phone would be greatly appreciated.
  18. OJsakila

    can't fix iTunes after AT&Tepted jailbrake

    I wish I could think of a better title for this thread... I just got a 3g and had the same problem that arose for the first time last week with my first gen. I attempt to jailbrake not unlock and fail or mess up. No big deal normally as I can always just restore and try again, right? Well...
  19. OJsakila

    QuikPawn not working

    Have my new 3g and quick pawn wont work....keep getting a microsoft error. Funny since it worked night before last with my 1st gen.....I hav enoticed that they have a new enterface with quickpawn, though. Maybe they're working on it now. Anyone else notice any hold up with quickpawn?
  20. OJsakila

    how do I sell my V1

    if I drove to the Apple store and got a 3g phone, I'd be left with my perfectly performing first gen phone. Currently it's running 2.0.1 firmware and is locked to ATT. Once the phone is no longer operational, how can I sell it? Will a potential buyer be able to use it? Any suggestions...