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  1. clausenfan

    Activation question

    I already have everything synced with computer on my phone will they look at the stuff on my phone? Do you think they would notice its jailbroken?
  2. clausenfan

    Activation question

    How much do they do with old iPhone at activation? Im in Nashville Tennessee for a baseball tourney but have an opportunity to go to get a 3g iPhone today. only problem is that I left my laptop at home, and my v1 phone is jailbroken. Would this be a problem, do they even look at phone?
  3. clausenfan

    current docks and cords work?

    haha, Apple has their ways to make that 200 back.
  4. clausenfan

    Will the new plastic black not scratch more?

    haha, im with you on this one. Im guessing the black one does as well its just not as noticeable.
  5. clausenfan

    Predictions for a 32GB iPhone release?

    I cant wait for 32 gig, im so tempted to use v1 and wait for 32. I just don't know if i can see a 3g iPhone around and not go buy one haha I guess we shall see :laugh2:
  6. clausenfan

    Will the new plastic black not scratch more?

    I agree, i think thinks its going to scratch a lot more. Is it the same material as the macbooks? If so then those scratch a lot.
  7. clausenfan

    Are you going to camp?

    I was thinking about it, do you think it will be as big as the first iPhone?' cant wait for the 11thv:laugh2:
  8. clausenfan

    Left earbud dead on my iPhone headset...any way to fix it?

    Ive put 2 pairs through the wash Apple has replaced all of them. and they replaced one pair my dog chewed up (keep in mind these wernt all iPhone headphones, im not that irresponsible.
  9. clausenfan

    MacBook Air MacBook Air Help

    Well if your in no hurry it only 2 weeks. but im pretty sure this will be a strictly iPhone oriented keynote. I wouldn't worry about, plus it will be within the month you can return for full refund. Then just take it back and buy cheaper one, since that only update that might happen.
  10. clausenfan

    What are you doing with your old iPhone?

    haha, very true. Or at least i hope. I hate even seeing them use pcs
  11. clausenfan

    hELP Please - touch screen not working

    Hold in the home button and the power button before you restore. Could save you some trouble.
  12. clausenfan

    3G iPhone to Support 42 Mbps

    I would be surprised if this was on v3 let alone v2 iPhone.
  13. clausenfan

    What are you doing with your old iPhone?

    definitely wont offer a trade in ithink i will give mine to my mom or my sister, although neither of them are mac junkies. Maybe i should give it to a friend haha. i still have some thinking to do. Maybe just keep it as ipod
  14. clausenfan


    Steve jobs does a presentation once a year at macworld introducing new items and showing them off. I recommend you watch when it is up online.
  15. clausenfan


    when will the keynote e put u on
  16. clausenfan

    First Time Visiting Apple Store Genius Bar - Left With Bad Experience!

    i took my phone in, told the guy my problems. he didn't look for anything but serial number and gave me a new one. i guess he was lazy but i was happy.
  17. clausenfan

    Show your love for the iPhone on Facebook

    Ive checked it out, all it says is your jealous of( your names) iPhone. get one now(with a link to some warehouse. I don't recommend it. I don't want people to be jealous of my iPhone, its a phone you should have to enjoy not showoff(ok, maybe a little haha)
  18. clausenfan

    Lost my calculator icon

    See if you can find a installer u downloaded to rearrange icons, i have one wer u can hide icons. Check to see if you have one
  19. clausenfan

    iPod sounds issues?

    My speakers work for ringtones, but when i try to listen to music on ipod part through speakers it doesn't work. What could the problem be