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  1. ralphoutloud

    Someone please help me, keyboard problems.

    Alright so, I was texting with my Launch iPhone (v1), just normal, then when I went to text back, the top row of keys didn't work.... they work in landscape, but I can't do it like that in SMS. What do I do now? This phone had to last for 2 more months until the refresh came out, and now this...
  2. ralphoutloud

    iPhone Mic, Speaker not working.

    Ok, so today I figure out I can't play music out loud, which bothered me. Then I get a call from my friend, and I can't hear him via the regular phone speaker, or talk to him via the mic. Thing is, I can talk to people by way of the headphone mic or on speakerphone. It's an awkward problem, I...
  3. ralphoutloud

    Macs with Blu-ray.

    Anyone know when Macs will start shipping with Blu-ray drives? I hoped Mr. Jobs would announce something at MacWorld in light of the recent announcement of Warner Bros. Blu Exclusivity, but nothing came. Any ideas? BTW, I'm a Blu fanatic and have been following the Blu - HDDVD format war...
  4. ralphoutloud

    Error with updating to 1.1.3

    "iTunes could not sync ^0 to this iPhone because an unknown error occurred (-19)." What does this mean?, someone please help.
  5. ralphoutloud

    Music Editors.

    What is a good music editor for Windows, so I can cut a 30 second clip from a song to use as a ringtone?
  6. ralphoutloud

    New Computer Question

    Ok, so I'm planning on going to college next year to major in Film. Should I buy the new Sony LV Series Desktop or the new Sexy iMac's? With the Sony I'd be getting Sony Vegas, with Mac, Final Cut. Which do you recommend, because whichever new desktop I get it will be the brand of labtop I...