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  1. Troubleina

    evasi0n iOS 6 Jailbreak Released

    i am so excited, i'm picking up my iPhone5 today, and heading straight for a jailbreak! i've been waiting for this release so i could get the new phone! :) happy friday!
  2. Troubleina

    WiFi to 3G

    Some routers are not very compatable with Apple products. I had a netgear, and it would never connect or if it did, would drop regularly. So often, i purchased a new router, which solved the problem 100%! Since, i googled it and found a few routers are finiky with Apple devices.
  3. Troubleina

    Last iCloud backup could not be completed

    How much space do you have? Also, are they the same account or different? You can check both in settings.
  4. Troubleina

    Keyboard for iPad 3?

    i haven't paired my bluetooth Apple wireless keyboard yet with my ipad3, but it worked great with my ipad1 and ipad2. it worked great with my iPhone 4 and 4s too. it's a little pricy, but it worked seamlessly. i know there are cheaper versions, maybe someone has a suggestion on that route?
  5. Troubleina

    Phone icon MIA (at times)

    boy am i glad i saw this! the wiggle mode thing saved me! seriously, i was going nuts, rebooting, re sprining etc, to find the phone icon. sometimes it would show up, sometimes not. now i just make them wiggle, and it's all good! i had used infinidock as well as pkgbackup, and wasn't having any...
  6. Troubleina

    The I just got my iPad Thread

    I patiently waited in line outside the Apple store to get my white 64g verizon 4g LTE. i love it. but then again, i loved my ipad2 also (passed it down to my daughter) i'm looking forward to using the camera and video, and the new photo app :) i love my ipad! :)
  7. Troubleina

    Is your iPad getting hot?

    yup, mine to seems to get warm to the touch, not hot, but it's definitely warmer than the ipad or ipad2 was. I haven't watched videos on mine yet, just web surfing, and playing games.
  8. Troubleina

    MacBook Pro My New MacBook

    yeah, i found that out with mine too (about the flash not working) so far, i've tried importing from an external HD, and about 80% will move over, but then it tells me my mac HD cant be written to. so i tried with a rather large backup of DVDs and it did the same thing. it's been a slow...
  9. Troubleina

    MacBook Pro I just got my 1st Mac!

    Nice! Thanks for those tips. I don't think they are covered in the dummies book! ;) Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  10. Troubleina

    MacBook Pro I just got my 1st Mac!

    Ive been looking, and drooling over the MBPs for a while, when the new line came out, i did it! I have a brand new 17 in MBP. Now a new hurdle, im mac illiterate. I refuse to put windows on my baby. I want to be bilingual (win and mac) and putting windows on her is like wrapping a new born...
  11. Troubleina

    Facebook app help!

    I changed my passy a few days ago, now the app either logs in for 2 min at a time then logs out, or crashes, or wont log me in at all. It just gets hung up. Anyone else have issues like this before? Im so frustrated! :( Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  12. Troubleina

    How do i delete the email address which show up when composing a message?

    i am just going to cry. the folders are completely empty, i have downloaded each exact thing, i get in the ssh fine, see the folders, move them to desk top. nothing. what am i doing wrong?
  13. Troubleina

    How do i delete the email address which show up when composing a message?

    ok, update. i got to the file, moved it to the desktop, tried to open it in an editor, but it's empty? now what? :(
  14. Troubleina

    How do i delete the email address which show up when composing a message?

    ok, i have all the tools for this, tried a couple of times, and cant get the browse part? Var\mobile\library\addressbooksql if anyone has a suggestion, please hit me up. this is driving me nuts!
  15. Troubleina

    my Bluetooth keeps dropping?

    i've been using the Apple BT KB for months, with no issues (at least since i upgraded to 4.1). it's great. i love it. suddenly this morning, it keeps loosing the bluetooth connectivity. i've replaced the batteries already. i don't get it. while i'm typing even. i've rebooted, and still does...
  16. Troubleina

    All of a sudden.. Charging is not supported with this accessory. Didn't even unplug.

    perhaps the contacts on the phone are bent or damaged in some way?
  17. Troubleina

    Ready to play in 2 Hours and 16 Minutes

    well, i haven't rented anything from Apple TV, i have and do watch netflix all the time, and it opens very quickly and plays almost instantly. i have been meaning to try out a rental from ATV, maybe i'll check it out this weekend.
  18. Troubleina

    Remove previous email addresses from autocomplete log/database?

    looking for an answer to this also. I'm jailbroken, has anyone heard of an app that will do this?
  19. Troubleina

    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    welcome to the site :)
  20. Troubleina


    i have mine open right now, on my iPhone 4, and it's running fine