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  1. simba33

    It's Been A Year Already?

    Just figured out its been an exact year to the date that I joined EiC. Just thought it was interesting
  2. simba33


    I have seen about 5 AT&T trucks around nearby towns just last week in different locations, 2 in my small swedish town. They must be working pretty hard to improve their network. I don't have much problems in this area of cali but there are a few rough spots. I think i'm gonna start taking...
  3. simba33

    Silent iPhone 4 recall?

    don't know if this has been posted yet. but a friend i have posted this on twitter. apparently someone claims they got a replacement iPhone 4 from Apple with a few differences. less black, can see proximity sensor, steel band is more matte (spell?). no proximity issues, reception issues, nor...
  4. simba33

    steves WiFi issue?

    makes me wonder with this signal bs. people reportedly lose wifi also and not just signal, could that of been the issue with steve at the announcement? and it was just everyone on the wifi there? because it is just live blogs and im sure they covered themselves with bandwidth. so it couldnt...
  5. simba33

    Lose service in places other AT&T iPhones don't?

    ok I have an iPhone 3GS as you all know. but i have another house in the mountains and its about a 30-45 minute drive from my primary house. within those 30-45 minutes, my phone loses service 4-5 times. my mom my little brother and my dad (all 3GS if it matters) only lose service in 2 spots...
  6. simba33

    Well...I finally gave in...

    I finally restored back to stock, had my shsh on file the whole time and my phone was getting buggy (stupid rock). something about the rock extensions yet i deleted everything i downloaded from rock and cydia since the extension crashes started. i was going to ignore them but i got 3 in 1 hour...
  7. simba33

    do not dock something password locked!

    i found out by experience to not put an app thats password protected by lockdown into your SBsettings dock. when you try to open the app your phone crashes and goes into safe mode and you have to respring to get back to normal. its just a big inconvenience and nothing big, just go back and...
  8. simba33

    screen transfer?

    i was just informed theres an app that lets another iPhone user watch your screen, like VNC remote but they only watch. anyone heard of this? and if so can i get a name?
  9. simba33

    My cousin Garrett Steele

    A few people here helped my cousin take 3rd in our section for offensive player of the year by voting for him. I'd like to thank these people and also show you what my cousin is capable of doing on the football field as a junior. as well as be a 3.5 GPA student and a starter for the basketball...
  10. simba33

    New Stuff?

    ok i'm gettin really bored of the usual stuff i have on my jailbroken 3gs. i was wondering what you guys have thats kool or different that i should get? ive been around jailbreaking since it started so i have the usual stuff like ifile, emulators, SBsettings, fontswap, appbackup, overboard...
  11. simba33

    RAM meter?

    ok a couple of weeks ago i saw a poster who posted a pic of their springboard to show their theme or icons or something, anyway my point is, at the top on their status bar they had 150MB RAM - x:xx P.M. for time. how do you get your RAM to show up? this would be useful for me and id really...
  12. simba33

    telephonyUI.framework directory

    ok so i went here instead of creating a theme to change my sliders, (genius i know). my problem is that i kind of screwed up the tap buttons when i get a call, (tap to answer button and tap to reject, along with tap to end call). theres a square on the left of each of those 3 buttons that looks...
  13. simba33

    Illumine Slider?

    Hey everyone, I currently have the illumine theme which ive had since it came out. I was wondering, the only thing missing is an illumine slider, does anyone know how to make one? i used the icon template and widened it a bit and stuff but the glow underneath kinda overlaps the bottom of the...
  14. simba33

    what is the boot rom?

    ok i was wondering, if theres so much controversy over the new boot rom, y don't we take one out of a 3g or a 3gs thats older and build a new one and just have ppl take their iPhones apart and install it?...or is it like the wiring or something? im good once i get into computers and stuff but...
  15. simba33


    ok so i went in using ifile and searched springboard.strings so i could change the messages and alert text and my slide to unlock and all that, well wen i clicked finish or whatever and forgot something, i went back in and it pops up with an error message (see attachments). and after i click ok...
  16. simba33

    Album Artwork?

    Hey everyone, well I'm at work and I downloaded about 75% of a new album through a program....well the music is in .MPEG or MP3 or whatever, and does not come with album artwork, well i also left my laptop at home (which i sync to) and im at work, I was wondering if anyone knew where the album...
  17. simba33

    Video directory?

    ok well Ive been wanting to send a small clip of one of my runs in football in highschool to one of my friends but i do not know how to put it on my phone to be able to send, it cant be synced as a movie because then i cannot send it, does anyone know where all of your recordings go after you...
  18. simba33

    Nocyfresh problem!

    ok i downloaded nocyfresh so cydia will stop freakin reloading everytime i download a damn package from cydia...problem is, i downloaded, uninstalled and redownloaded, and clicked reinstall and the toggle switch will not show up on SBsettings...and cydia keeps reloading! anyone have any solutions?
  19. simba33

    Apps won't sync, kind of?

    ok well i restored and rejailbroke today anhd all that good stuff, and now when i plug in my iPhone and sync, it syncs the music but when it gets to the apps, everytime it says its copying a certain app it pops up with an error that says "the requested file could not be copied because the...
  20. simba33

    Restored, need a lil help with sources

    Ok so i just restored+rejailbroke my iPhone, now i know a few to enter by hand but i need more sources please! i have the steffwiz+allsources packages i just need a few more to enter by hand...and this time ill write them down lol