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  1. mr.reggaeton72

    iTunes video look too dark.

    Hi guys, I have a question that I'd like answer as soon as you guys get a chance. Recently, I purchased Small Ville Season 9 in HD from iTunes. I've always been a Small Ville fan, and I've been dying to season 9 and 10. I just have 1 problem, when I try to play the videos, the videos look...
  2. mr.reggaeton72

    MacBook Pro Bought MacBook Pro

    Hi guys, I just bought the new Mac Book Pro with Retina Display. I got it with the i7 2.6 GHz, 8GB DDR3, 512 SSD. So far, I really, really like it. Maybe you guys can teach me a few tricks with it? I just got it in the mail a few weeks ago and I haven't really gotten the hang of it since I'm...
  3. mr.reggaeton72

    iMac Making the ultimate change!

    Hello, my name is reggaeton72 I haven't been here for a WHILE, as you all know, I do civilian contracting in Afghanistan and I'm extremetly busy and I haven't gotten any chance to spend some time on the forum. I want to buy a Mac, earlier this year, I bought a Windows Phone 7, but like after 1...
  4. mr.reggaeton72

    Can my laptop game?

    Whats up guys, i just recently bought a laptop, to do my work and also my gaming, and i wanted to ask the best community in the world there opinion, even though im a CCNA and CCNP, i suck at hardware, here at the specs guys, thanks in advance! Dell XPS 17.3 inches(1600x900) 2nd generation...
  5. mr.reggaeton72

    Long Time Huh ?

    Hi, well, as you all may know, im mr.reggaeton72, and for those of you who have been in this forum for a long time, you might have noticed that i haven't been online for such a long time. We'll im glad to be back, although i cannot be on it every single day, i will try my best. The reason why i...
  6. mr.reggaeton72

    Hi, my name is Victor and this is my reveal

    Hey what's up guys, i was actually waiting for my 1000 post to do this, and so i am, although this one is actually 1001. My name is Victor, i was born in Puerto Rico, but 2 days after i was born i left to Dominican Republic and have live there my entire life and i consider myself 100%...
  7. mr.reggaeton72

    Stuck on 3.1.3

    Hey guys what's up, recently, i had a problem with my iPhone 3G, i was running 3.1.3 and decided to update to 4.0.1 to be a little up to date. When i restored with the 4.0.1 firmware, problems started, Errors in iTunes, everything. The thing is that everytime it failed, i put my iPhone in DFU...
  8. mr.reggaeton72

    iPhone 3G iPod app not working at all

    Suddenly over night, i woke up one day and i went driving to some place, i wanted to listen to some music on my iPhone, i open the ipod app and it opens normally, but when i click on a music, the music shows that it's playing, it even shows the little play button on the status bar and...
  9. mr.reggaeton72

    PC's vs Mac's.

    Microsoft posted this on there looks interesting, im still reading it, but i wanted to let you guys know what you think about it..Discuss.
  10. mr.reggaeton72

    iPhone Problem while playing music

    Hey guys, I've been having a problem with my 3G, which is really getting on my last nerves, whenever im at the gym, my music just stops suddenly, like if im listening to a song, the song just pauses by itself, and then it continues to play, but it stops for like, 6 seconds, and the it continues...
  11. mr.reggaeton72

    Untethered Jailbreak in Progress

    For those 3GS users, i hope your happy, for us 3G users, i hope a single click jailbreak like blackra1n comes out, cause restoring to jailbreak really sucks...
  12. mr.reggaeton72

    Windows Server 2008 vs Mac OSX Server

    Hey whats up guys, i have something to discuss here, im about to be promoted in my internship at my college, to a paid internship, which will be a job lol, but here's the thing, i want the college to be the best that it can, and for this it needs the right software... ive only worked with...
  13. mr.reggaeton72

    Where is the Illumine theme ?

    I have been searching all over cydia for this theme, i already added the modmyi, but no luck, i googled it and found out that is not only with me the problem, is with everyone, anyone know what happened to this theme, ?, i really want it, as it has like every single icon of all apps.
  14. mr.reggaeton72

    How to bypass the 1604 error while jailbreak 3.1.3 with Sn0wbreeze

    Im sure all of you are getting an 1604 error while trying to jailbreak your iPhone by restoring with the custom firmware made with sn0wbreeze, well, im going to tell you how to go around this.. 1. Download iReb from here 2. put your iPhone or ipod touch in DFU mode, by turning it off, and...
  15. mr.reggaeton72

    iPad will beat netbooks with ''Magic''

    I cannot believe this, Tim Cook said, the ipad will beat netbooks because not of the features, but because of its magic, I CANT BELIEVE THIS CRAP, IM LAUGHING MY A** OFF HERE...but please look at it yourselfs...
  16. mr.reggaeton72

    Apple Banning users that are jailbroken ?

    Hey guys, just wanted to share this here, it seems that Apple is really pissed off, at not finding a way at solving the jailbroken problem, and is doing everything they can in there power to do so, now they are banning jailbroken devices from the app store.
  17. mr.reggaeton72

    Cisco Packet Tracer doesn't allow Supernetting ?

    ok guys, i was doing some supernetting, and this is my ip, im told that a company needs around 4000 ip's, so, since the default subnet mask is, for this to work, i need to do supernetting, so in the last octet, i can only have 254 computers, well, the boss wants...
  18. mr.reggaeton72

    Ok, How does PkgBackup works ?

    Ok, lets get to the point cause my phone crashed and its restoring as we speak, and of course, i intend to jailbreak again, as a iPhone that is not jailbroken, sucks... i had pkgbackup for a while, and i didn't do any kind of backups for a very long time, i was until when i hit install on a app...
  19. mr.reggaeton72

    Jaadu to RDP my desktop

    hey guys whats up, i have a quick question, i recently got Jaadu from the app store, which is basically an RDP app, and i may say, it works perfectly, but there is one problem, i cannot get it to connect while im on 3g, and that really sucks, i already enabled remote management from the...
  20. mr.reggaeton72

    AT&T no longer selling iPhones in NYC

    For you people living in NYC, this sucks for you, AT&T has stop selling iPhones in the online store, because they said ''We don't have enough towers to support it'' this just proves again, that AT&T, sucks, handling the iPhone, seriously, read it out for yourselves guys...