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  1. Pixelologist

    5th Annual everythingiCafe Turducken Contest

    I'm so incredibly thankful to be two years fully employed again. And also that my wife convinced me that we should have a second child - can't imagine life without my beautiful baby girl :)
  2. Pixelologist

    Show your Tarantino, win an iTunes Gift Card

    I'm in. His face is perfect for caricaturing :) (I didn't do this one myself, just to be clear) "If idiots could fly it'd be pitch black." - Anonymous
  3. Pixelologist

    Win iTunes Gift Cards from everythingiCafe

    "Once"* *well, you said... :^)) Sent using iCafe app
  4. Pixelologist

    Biggest disappointment about the iPhone 5?

    In fact, cramming more pixels into the same size sensor will, at some point, actually DECREASE picture quality, as counterintuitive as that sounds. More light gathering units in the same space = smaller light gathering units = less light to each one = grainier images. There are reasons why a...
  5. Pixelologist

    Your 10 Most Favorite Applications

    iTether! Unfortunately, long since pulled from the App Store :( Tweetbot Facebook (still pretty slow, though, even after the recent update's improvement) FindMyiPhone Netflix Chase (the banking app - deposit checks from your phone) VoiceBand - this one's a kick! Hum different musical parts and...
  6. Pixelologist

    Call Blocker on iPhone

    One of those things I DO miss from my pre-iphone phones. I had a Nokia 6682 (back when THAT was the "it" phone....briefly) and loaded it up with tons of apps...including a blacklist/whitelist app that worked a charm. I do wish Apple would either build that functionality into iOS6 or allow...
  7. Pixelologist

    Will you pre-order the iPhone 5 or wait in line

    Pre-order all the way. Are you kidding? I'm not wasting a vacation day to camp out at the Apple Store when, via the wonder that is the internet, I can get the one I want from the comfort of my own home. I don't even do Black Friday sales anymore. Did it once and was so thoroughly disgusted with...
  8. Pixelologist

    Daily App Giveaway: Ringtonium

    Shared via Twitter (@contester) I've never really been happy with the ringtone apps I've tried. This one does sound promising though (ha! ringtone....sound....).
  9. Pixelologist

    Enter to win Angry Birds for iPhone

    If I win, I can finally find out what all the birdbrained fuss is about. "If idiots could fly, it'd be pitch black."
  10. Pixelologist

    Enter to win Fruit Ninja for iPhone

    I have Veggie Samurai but I keep hearing the original's better. When's Beefsteak Kamikaze coming out? ;) Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  11. Pixelologist

    Otterbox Defender Case Giveaway Part II

    You can never be too careful when it comes to portable tech. I'm in!
  12. Pixelologist

    Otterbox Defender Contest Thread

    Kids. Kids are the reason for everything these days: the reason we can't have nice things; the reason the few nice things we DO have get busted; but also my reason for being. :-) Every extra little bit of protection helps.
  13. Pixelologist

    QR code reader for 2G iPhone?

    My wife is using my old 2G iPhone...which in most ways she's quite content with. She is, however, having trouble finding a QR code scanner that's compatible iOS 3 and the limited resolution camera. Does anyone know of a decent scanner app that'll work with the iPhone 2G? Sent from my iPhone...
  14. Pixelologist

    POLL: do you think "over the top" should ship on every new iPhone?

    Wow. Just...I nice as all y'all seem, it's clear we're never going to be taking in any movies together. LOL.  Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  15. Pixelologist

    Is there a way to transfer songs and money from my parents iTunes to mine?

    I'm sure she loves that! :) Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  16. Pixelologist

    Best pick up and play games

    Lately, I've been spending a lot of my spare minutes with: Ninjatown: Trees of Doom Cut the Rope Trainyard Super 7 Especially Ninjatown. Or so my daughter informed me - "Daaaad, I'm bored of the tree game." :) Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  17. Pixelologist

    Best "Grocery List" app?

    Ah, I see - you would be the dev, then? Needfood - as might reasonably be expected - seems too grocery-centric. Also, I want to create my own superset of all the items I typically buy at a given store from which I pull the subset of stuff I need on each trip. In any event, though - good luck...
  18. Pixelologist

    Best "Grocery List" app?

    I'll check that out...thanks. :) Sent from my iPhone using iCafe app
  19. Pixelologist

    Best "Grocery List" app?

    I use Shopper, as well, but what I'd really like is an app that has THREE "buckets" for my list items instead of two: 1) an overall list of all the items I might typically buy in a given store, 2) my actual shopping list for any given trip...containing only the subset of items from list #1 that...