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  1. netshadow

    Significant Call Drops

    I have an iPhone 4Gs on AT&T and have noticed significant call drops over my past iPhone 4. Was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same? "Significant" is 3-5 times a day!
  2. netshadow

    When will iPad be a true network device?

    When will the iPad /iPhone be a true network device that allows one to save pictures, documents, and files to other hard drives, Mac, etc.. I believe that is the real future of the iPad device as a true network integrated handheld it is now , it is very limiting in it's performance...
  3. netshadow

    Why should I have to wait a month to buy 3G S?

    I have checked the eligibility page on Apple's site and according to Apple, I cannot receive the standard rate until a month later-July. Why? I have bought my iPhone on each opening day since it came out- why not now? I would have to spend $200.00 more on June 19th compared to July 12th, 2009...
  4. netshadow

    iPhone 3 to look like Apple!

    Just like all rumors: an insider has reported that the iPhone version 3 will look more like the Apple logo than the present candy bar form. SJ is quoted as saying " the design change allows us to provide a more conforming form to the ear and that all of the hardware will now be hanging from the...
  5. netshadow

    9th Reason to buy the iPhone

    :laugh2: The iPhone will bring a whole new tech universe in to being! What is your 9th reason? Tomorrow reason 8.
  6. netshadow

    All the News?

    Now that we are below two weeks and counting down to ten days, and Apple has released new information concerning specs on the iPhone (yes!,) could it be time for AT&T to release some news about rate plans, insurance, etc, etc. ? Just wondering why they need to wait, they have already had 5...
  7. netshadow

    All three ADS! at Apple/iPhone

    The Date is ........June 29th. It is official on the Apple website with these three ads. Just go to Apple then the iPhone tab- scroll to bottom right. Enjoy!:laugh2:
  8. netshadow

    Message from Apple May 26

    Has anyone else received a message from Apple saying that we will talk soon, in June about the iPhone? My latest came onthe 26th. What is interesting is that the small print still has the phone as not being okayed by the FCC. An interesting outdated message from Apple who usually is more on top...