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  1. PinkBanana

    I missed you guys

    Hey guys and gals Its been a while since I was here...mainly due to now having to use android because if work. I gave my old iPhone to my dad when they gave me this that I'm using now. I will come back to iPhone one day. When that will be I don't know. Hope everyone's ok.
  2. PinkBanana

    No service on Vodafone UK in some areas?

    Hey guys. Had my iPhone 6 (yes I've finally given into pre-paid!) and got a good deal on my 6 with Vodafone UK. Only one problem....every now and again at my dads work it keeps saying no serviceyet at home and out n about its fine. Just to why?
  3. PinkBanana


    Hey guys n gals... Won't be around much next couple weeks...getting married on Saturday and then going off on honeymoon a week on Friday! Can't wait to marry my Kevin.
  4. PinkBanana

    Dryathlon in support of Cancer Research UK

    Will you sponsor me guys n gals? All in a good cause. Click the link below. Every amount counts. sara pilling is fundraising for Cancer Research UK on @JustGiving. Show your support
  5. PinkBanana

    Possible attempt to Hack Apple Account

    Hey Guys, just a heads up, thought this might be of interest. Got this in an email yesterday.... was sent from Dear Sara Pilling, To reset your Apple ID password, simply click the link below. That will take you to a web page where you can create a new password. Please...
  6. PinkBanana

    Interview for 02

    Got an interview for a retail advisor at O2 on Friday. Sent using Lady Sara's iPhone 4 via iCafe App.
  7. PinkBanana

    Cannot connect JVC BTA-100

    Hey guys I cannot seem to get my jvc Bluetooth adapter to connect to my iPhone 5. It connects ok to my 4 and for some reason doesn't search when i use Bluetooth toggle. I did have OnOff from the App Store on my 4 and can't see it in there anymore. Any other apps I could use or help greatly...
  8. PinkBanana

    Happy Birthday Me.

    Another year older...yeah me.
  9. PinkBanana

    Well Hellooooo!

    Say hellooooo to my newest addition. My sexy new "White iPhone 5" ;) Sent using Lady Sara's iPhone 4 via iCafe App.
  10. PinkBanana

    Orange are hopeless

    Have been onto Orange CS twice now about getting my out of warranty 3gs unlocked and they've not been in touch. How can i unlock it without using them?
  11. PinkBanana

    Is this a fake?

    Seen this advertised for sale on a local buy n sell page. I'm not convinced it's genuine as never come across a box with THAT written on it before..... Sent from Lady Sara's iPhone using iCafe app
  12. PinkBanana

    Hello from my new iPad!

    Hey guys finally got an iPad in the clan! It's actually my mom's, so no jail breaking it! All I can say is wow wow and more wow!
  13. PinkBanana

    Buying my bro iPad

    I'm well jell of my bro. Were getting him an iPad for his 30th in a couple of weeks. He wants white. But do we get him 16gb 32gb with wifi + 3G? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. PinkBanana

    Looks like I'll miss out!

    It seems that the impending release of this untethered jailbreak won't work on the 3GS and as that's what I have it appears I'll miss out. What about people who only have a 3GS and can't afford to buy 4's or 4s'? Sometimes I wish had £1.000000!
  15. PinkBanana

    Problem with iFile

    Hey guys, I was having a look around in iFile the other day /system/library/coreservices and i noticed that the systemversion.plist said 0bytes and would not open to check it. I managed to get in it to look and it said I'm running 5.1 (I should be running 5.0.1!) Also everything takes ages to...
  16. PinkBanana

    Is Cydia crashing because of traffic volumes?

    I've just jailbroken my beloved 3gs running 5.0.1 and for some reason cydia will not open at all. Is this something to do with the high traffic volumes.
  17. PinkBanana

    iOS 5 on a jailbroken 3GS

    Hey Guys and Gals. I was wondering if anyone who still has a 3Gs has updated it to iOS 5 and whether it's stable enough? Are any of you who have done it jailbroken? I'm waiting for an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5. Also if anyone knows, if I'm already jailbroken on my 3Gs but using custom...
  18. PinkBanana

    Should I try iOS 5?

    As I'm using the ipad's baseband, can one still restore my iPhone 3gs to use iOS 5? I really would like to try it. I understand that the Jailbreak for iOS 5 is tethered, unless you have an old bootrom 3gs.(Which I'm certain I do). Or will I have to stay stuck on 4.3.3?
  19. PinkBanana

    No camera Roll

    Guys, Not sure this been posted anywhere, have not been able to find anything. My camera roll will not show up. Phone is jb with snowbreeze and 4.3.3. Took some photos yesterday and played around with the camera plus pro app a bit. Tried a hard and soft reset. Nothing. Switched on and off...
  20. PinkBanana

    Best way to restore

    iPhone came home today, I want to sync everything back to it but don't want to (to put it mildly) frack it up again. What's the best way to restore it (pref from recent backup as it's been restored already to factory although it's still technically jb as i've got cydia, it's running 4.1) and...