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    No Service - Restore message

    I have had this problem now 4 times. I got the 3GS iPhone, 16GB, on opening day. The problem is that I turn on the phone by pressing the home button and on the screen with the "slide to unlock" I get a message asking me to restore my phone via iTunes. The phone indicates No Service at the top. I...
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    Application ICON.PNG help

    I have created a new native iPhone/ipod touch application. I need an artists on here, and there are many, to create an icon.png for the application. Anyone interested please contact me.
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    iPhone Use and Installer app

    I was curious if there is a way out of this: I am in the installer application and I select an application. This brings up an application screen, which on some apps allows you to press a button for More Info....I press this button which launches Safari and pulls up the applications web page of...
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    Email bug?

    I think this is a bug. But if I receive an email that has attachments, either a document or pictures, It is fine for a while. Then and I do not know what happens but I go back into the mail app and select the email - I see the first two lines of the email in the preview list - when I select the...
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    SSH + screenshot installed, but how to delete files?

    Ok. I got SSH installed on my iPhone. I then ran the winscp and connected to my iPhone via the WiFi in my home. I placed screenshot application in the bin directory and change the properties of the app file. I rebooted, reconnect to the iPhone via winscp and brought up the terminal window in...
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    modding multiple iPhones

    I have successfuly modded 1 iPhone. I need to mod my wifes iPhone. Do I need to make a new phonedmg directory different from the one I created for my iPhone? I assume I need to simply do jailbreak once on the the phone and I am off and running with both. The directories do not look like they...
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    Rings to Voice Mail

    Is there any way to set the number of rings/time before the call switches into voice mail? It seems a bit quick for me. I am to be too slow to get the phone answered. It would be nice to increase the wait time prior to the iPhone entering voice mail. I checked a few simple things but did not...