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  1. Vcoronel127

    Finding photo duplicates that's visually identical

    I have over 50 GBs of photos and I would like to organize them. Some has the same file name and most have different file names but looks identically the same. What free software can I download to look for these duplicates and erases them. I think it's now about time to clean up all my duplicate...
  2. Vcoronel127

    Changing song title in our iPhones..please help

    I have lots of songs that itunes cannot get track names. So when I scroll through my songs on my phone it looks like the photo attached. The only song info I really want is the title of the song and the artist. Is there a way where we can edit song info from our iPhones? So that when we plug it...
  3. Vcoronel127

    Native calendar app able to zoom on your day view

    I just found out that you're able to pinch to zoom on your calendar in day view. Fyi to everyone that did not know this Sent from my iPhone
  4. Vcoronel127

    DayOne Journaling app and dictation

    I'm a thorough user of the DayOne app and I use it all the time. I wanted to know if the dictation feature in the iPhone gets better in time. It's not as accurate as I would like it to be and I want enter my journal entries purely with dictation to save myself time and headache of typing...
  5. Vcoronel127

    Put songs in my new iPhone 6

    I'm trying to put songs in my new iPhone but I'm unable to because iTunes tries to backup my iPhone in my computer and there's no more room since its a MacBook Air. Tried iCloud and there's no room there either. What can I do? Is there anyway to increase storage capacity of my MacBook Air...
  6. Vcoronel127

    App suggestions for Health App

    I'm planning on keeping track of my health using the fitness app and as you all know, iOS 8 has a bunch you can keep track Without wearing any wearables, what other app can I download that keeps track of everything in the health app besides Myfitnesspal? Sent from my iPhone
  7. Vcoronel127

    Opinions: what do you guys think about the new Apple Sim coming on the new iPad Air 2??

    Just think about the implementation of this to next generation iPhones. Consumers having the choice of which carrier they want at any given time can change the mobile industry. Hopefully this lowers downs our monthly bill since carriers knows we can leave anytime. Please Apple!!! Put this in...
  8. Vcoronel127

    What other iPhone forums besides this are you currently a member on?

    Besides EverythingiPhone, what other iPhone forums are out there as popular as this? Im looking for forums that has a lot of members and lots of user participation. Sent from my iPhone
  9. Vcoronel127

    3rd party keyboard not working on my iPhone 5

    Anyone with an iPhone 5 having trouble with 3rd party keyboards. It just won't work the way you want it to. Typing is easy on these new keyboard but when I want to switch to a different keyboard, the keys just completely disappear. I'm left to force close the app and open it back up again. Does...
  10. Vcoronel127

    Disappointed with the look and features of the Apple Watch

    Is this what we waited for? And to think that Nike stopped making Fuelbands just so the Apple board members can concentrate on the apple watch. Can someone please tell me why I should buy an Apple watch when all the features it has is all in the iPhone 6? I was really hoping that Apple...
  11. Vcoronel127

    Did anyone notice the marker button on the keyboard of the iPhone 6 Plus (picture)

    The marker key on the left... I wonder what it's for? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Vcoronel127

    2 days before unveiling and no banners up yet?

    Shouldn't we be seeing banners or signs being put up right about now? Wassup? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Vcoronel127

    Am I the only one disappointed about the protruding camera in the iPhone 6?

    I just think it ruins the well crafted body lines of the phone. If this was indeed the camera of the iPhone 6, I think it would feel awkward holding something so beautiful with a piece of metal sticking out. Just IMO Sent from my iPhone
  14. Vcoronel127

    MacBook Air List of downloadable Keyboard Maestro macros?

    I just downloaded Keyboard Maestro on my Mac and I'm in love with it. Does anyone know where I can download a list of macros to give me an idea of triggers I can copy? Thanks Sent from my iPhone
  15. Vcoronel127

    Can I add my external hard drive pics to the new iCloud photo library

    I've been trying to organize over 30GBs of photos in my external hard drive in hopes of having it available in the new iOS 8 iCloud photo library. Does anyone know if we're able to do this? Will the iCloud photo library only store photos taken from the iPhone upon downloading the new iOS? ID...
  16. Vcoronel127

    Home icon in, has anyone noticed?

    Has anyone else noticed the home icon when you sign on your iCloud. Com online??? Sent using iCafe app
  17. Vcoronel127

    Organizing the iOS Contacts custom labels?

    Ever since the iOS 7 update, the custom labels I have is not alphabetically organized. How can I fix this?
  18. Vcoronel127

    New iOS 8 photos app question

    Do you think we're able to have sub folders within folders in the new iOS 8 photos app? I think it's the best way to organize photos over 20GBs. From the iOS 8 photos preview, it doesn't like like we're able to organize them in folders within folders
  19. Vcoronel127

    What does the "S" stand for in iPhone 4S?

    I don't get it? why do they keep sticking that letter in there...When 4G comes out in the iPhone will they dub it the iPhone 4GS?...Why cant they just keep it minimalist and simple..."S" stands for super maybe?!?!?!
  20. Vcoronel127

    Find my Friends feature on the iPhone 5/iPhone 4S

    is this exactly like google latitude? because this is something i would love to have especially since google latitude isn't as accurate as how i want it to be? any thoughts on it? would you use it?