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    take a picture and show us
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    For those that have lost your iPhone

    Yours is just a cake with a cardboard layover or something :/
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    For those that have lost your iPhone

    More iCake's :D
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    Member Mugs! Post your pic!

    Whos the chick holding your wife ?
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    Apollo... cannot figure this out

    You have to add an already made IM account , like MSN , AIM , etc. You can't make a new account from with-in Apollo. Once , you get signed in you just tap a buddies name to start a new IM.
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    SDK Most Desired Apps

    Mobile FireFox with flash support.
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    iPhone Safari browser about to be dethroned?

    I waiting for mobile FireFox. Pics and info :
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    WinSCP sucks. Anyone have an alternate?

    SecureFX/SecureCRT smoke WinSCP/PuTTy.
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    Photoshop *expert* needed!

    post the pic
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    iPhoneSIMFree will release in 48-72 Hours!

    I believe that site is crap. Have you seen the video ? LOL. First it was , we will sell the unlock tomorrow ! Now 24-48 hours free. WHY WAIT IF YOU HAVE IT ? Simple , they don't.
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    Help, I'm trying to change all the different sounds (text, mail, etc.)

    Use iBrickr , you can change the sounds on the fly and it lists all them.
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    How much is your monthly iPhone data bill?

    prepaid 29 for 200 minutes 20 for unlimited internet 4.99 for 200 sms 0 snail mail.
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    Otterbox (not released yet)

    *Note: OtterBox for iPhone will NOT be water-proof. bla !
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    vibrate mod

    u just want that for your gf
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    iPhone cracked today, just sent it to Apple

    You can buy a new screen for $76.99 There is videos on youtube and other sites that show step by step on how to take apart the phone. Doesn't seem to hard.
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    A month and a half later... Anyone else bored of the iPhone?

    BORED ! hell no just getting started !
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    iPhone Audio Died

    happen to me also. plugged the headphones in and out like 15 times , works again.
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    I am such an iPhone SNOB

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    iPhone Applications Installer

    Install the community sources and update it if there is a update under updates lol. Community sources = where the apps come from.
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    Installing 3rd party apps on iPhone WITHOUT WiFi?

    it doesn't need internet , it needs a network ip. you cant get to the ports you need threw edge network