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  1. Noah8219

    iPhone 7 Iphone linked to girlfriends icloud

    My girlfriend has an iPhone 7 and I have a 6s and sometimes for some reason I get her txts and visa Versa how do I remove hers and how could this have happened ?
  2. Noah8219

    Screen protectors

    Just wondered if anyone has a screen protector for their watch and does it work ? If so what one have you got ?
  3. Noah8219

    What most annoys you ?

    Just wondered what most annoys you about using or owning an iPhone ? Could be things like battery life, txt messages, screen size etc ?
  4. Noah8219

    iMessage delivery

    Hey just wondered is there any way of telling (apart from a read receipt ) if an imessage sent to another iPhone user has been read ? Also if an imessage is delivered really quick (say in a second) does this mean the other person is using their phone ? Thanks Andrew
  5. Noah8219

    Missing songs

    I notice that all my music has vanished and I just have cloud download symbols. Anyone else had this issue and is there a quick way to download all the music at once (without having to click on each cloud icon individually) ? Cheers Andrew
  6. Noah8219

    Keeping iPhone and iPad photos in sync?

    I have more photos on my iPad than my iPhone. Anyone know of a quick way to sync both so they have the same photo stream ?
  7. Noah8219

    Gold iPhones

    Walked into O2 in Liverpool today and the guy who served me said 'oh you've got a gold one that's rare' The question is what is the rarest colour now and will gold ones be worth more in the future ?
  8. Noah8219

    Apps in the background

    I use kik messenger and my friends say it signs me online when I'm not online (so to speak). Same happens with other messaging apps which shows me online when I'm not at silly o'clock in the morning. Is this to do with push notifications ? Has anyone else had this issue ?
  9. Noah8219


    Ok I'll kick this off ... Anyone met anybody famous and got their autograph ? I've got Wes Brown from Man U ....