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    Anyone ever played this game?
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    200$ for iPhone 4gb

    does anyone know where i can get a iPhone v1 for 200$? ive checked ebay and craigslist and they all want roughly 300$. i only need 4gb. i had the first iPhone day after it came out and sold it like 2 months after. im freakin out right now because i want one badly. so anyone know where i can get...
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    sell iPhone v1 for 200$

    anyone know where i can get a good working iPhone v1 4gb 8gb or hell 16gb for 200$? would fund the new iPhone 3g for you. i want the v1 because im t mobile
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    buying iPhone 3G

    my friend is up getting a iPhone 3g for him. would there be anyway he could buy me one for the same 200$ price?
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    any SIM cannot unlock this phone

    i get this message when i run anysim and try to unlock my phone. anysim can not unlock this iPhone. please restart after any sim is finished. what do i do to fix this?
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    iPhone reactivation info

    ok so I bought my girlfriend a iPhone back when they first came out and well I helped her set it up to her family plan who her grandmas plan and bill. Anyways we used the phone for about 2 months and then she bought a krazor so now I have the iPhone but I really don't feel like paying 60$ a...
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    Question about which audio to rip?

    Ok i use xilisoft iPhone video converter and i use dvd decryptor. i was wondering which audio file do i select out of all of the options it gives me? Here are the options 0x20 - Subtitle - English / Normal Closed Captions 0x21 - Subtitle - Español / Normal Captions 0x22 - Subtitle - Français /...
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    Can i get custom SMS tones?

    Is there anyway to make the phone make a sound other then the originall sound it usually makes? Like on my razor i could have it play a song when i got a text. can i do this?
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    How do i convert DVD to iPhone

    i want to put my dvd night at the museum on my web site but i was wondering how do i get into the .mp4 or .mv4 format using what program? to successfully do all this stuff do i have to purchase or does someone have a cd key or gen for like pq dvd or something?
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    What media player does iPhone use?

    I want to put a video on my web site so i can just go to it on my iPhone and watch it. What media type would i use to watch the movie?
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    Is Flash possible for iPhone?

    Is flash player really a possible option for the iPhone? If it does it will make so much things work. For example addicting would work. Also how come when i goto youtube on the main screen and search for something and then get on the computer and search for the same thing i get more...
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    Anyone scratch there screen yet?

    anyone scratched the beauty yet? any little nicks or small tiny scratches?
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    can i cancel my Apple order

    well i figured if i cancel my order on Apple and buyed it from ebay it would make me 50 dollars poorer but about 200% happier. so i was wondering if i can cancel the order with Apple? i bought the iPhone and am just waiting for them to ship.
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    question about the iPhone plans

    ok so i am on a family plan with cingular. when i get the iPhone all i do is put my sim card in the iPhone and im ready to go after i activate it? or how much more will i have to pay? i don't understand this voice plans and data plan stuff.