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    My NES Emulator

    Ok, i have this site, where i download NES roms onto my iPhone. except when i go to play them theyre all glitchy and the sound sounds horribly distorted, so bad in fact that i have to mute it. are these problems created by BAD ROMs, or is it just how its supposed to be? thanks all
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    Where the hell is the 3G iPhone for Europe? We might know.

    The only thing more slippery than an iPhoneSIMFree release date has to be the magically, mystical 3G iPhone rumored for Europe. At least with the latter, Apple has been kind enough to drop a few dreggy hints. Add 'em all up and Apple Expo -- kicking off September 25th -- seems to be the prime...
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    Apple could use info?

    have you guys or girls ever plugged your iPhone onto iTunes and sometimes a little window comes up and says, Apple could use some user information in order to help improve its products. Have you guys ever gotten this before?
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    I have a good idea for text messages

    ok in your contacts you assign a color to that person. Say its a girl and her favorite color (or the color you choose for her) is orange. My favorite color is blue. So when you text, instead of the word bubble being green (for you) and grey (for them), it would be blue for me and orange for her...
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    Chrome around screen

    is anyones chrome around their screen scratched? its like the back of a video ipod...
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    another bug i noticed...

    ok, so here is what you do to see. put your autobrightness OFF turn off your phone and then turn it back on and you will see that auto brightness is reactivated, but it says that its off. oh and one more thing, what is better, Auto-Brightness OFF, or Auto-Brightness ON?
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    Cannot see how many contacts listed

    ok, so at the bottom of the contacts, can you see how many are listed? well i cant, not until i add one, then delete it. do you think that if i restore it, it will be fixed? and will restore keep everything, (contacts, calendar, ect.) AND*** will it mess up the bettery life? THANK YOU ALL...
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    Will history show up on the bill?

    OK, so, lets just say that i'm not technically able to pay my bill by myself. i just want to know if history shows up on the bill because i just HAD to try to see if porn worked (i knew it would) and so i don't want to have my mom see that i went onto well... sites that contain goodies... so does...