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    Help: bought an iPhone from eBay

    Do you mean pics you have taken with the iPhone? If so, then they will not go anywhere when syncing with iTunes, they will still be on your phone. One thing I would do before syncing is to set iTunes to sync manually and not automatically. That way, you can control exactly what syncs and when...
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    my ring tones gone

    When syncing with iTunes, make sure that the sync ringtones tab is not checked and it shouldn't clear them out every sync.
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    Favorite Feature

    I would say number one is visual voicemail. Second would be Google maps as a great 411 source. Third would be ipod function. I have had windows mobile devices before that would supposedly play music, but the iPhone has such a nice interface and great sound. Great post by the way, let's all...
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    Why is it that some people seem to think that Apple should make their firmware updates compatable with third-party apps? How exactly would they do that? And why? They said that they would release updates for the iPhone to improve its functionality and add features. This is the first step towards...
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    I need help!

    You probably will not be able to get into it if it has a passcode. I suggest taking it to a AT&T store or Apple store and see if they can track the owner through the serial number. Of course, that is assuming that you are not a scumbag planning on keeping it if you can find a way.:smile:
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    I'm a Contractor... what's the best case for me?

    The Otter Box looks very interesting and I will probably try one as soon as it is out. For now, I use this case, Incipio Executive It offers pretty good protection but is easy to access and use the iPhone, especially one-handed...
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    two iPhones and windows contacts

    I just recently was wondering the same thing. I have a pc and outlook and what I think can be done is to create separate groups of contacts and then in iTunes in the sync options, it gives you the choice of syncing selected contact groups. I haven't tried this yet but check it out and see if you...
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    Incipio Executive OVRMLD

    Ok, the modifications I made are not really ohoto worthy. First off, I had to reattach the post on the back of the case. This was done with a combination of superglue and treadlock...solid now. The more important modification was to remove the little ratcheting nu that is incorporated into the...
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    How do you manage icons?

    ifuntastic allows you to reorder home screen layout by drag and drop. Don't know if it plays well with 3rd party apps though.
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    Incipio Executive OVRMLD

    As I posted earlier, I really like this case as it offers very good protection. The only problem I have had is that the hinge post fell off of mine while in use resulting in my iPhone dropping to the ground. The design of the swivel clip is the root cause of this in my opinion. The ratcheting...
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    T-Mobile roaming when "No Service"?

    Most of the roaming agreements that major networks negotiate are ones with smaller local carriers in more rural and less populated areas. I have never heard of any of the major networks having agreements with each other. Chances are, if you are in a growing/ developing area, then you may get...
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    My Short Review on the BodyGuardz

    That all sounds like a heck of a lot of work. Why is this product worth it to you? I have just a normal screen protector on my iPhone and it looks pretty good and I put it on in 5 minutes. What is the advantage of the BG?
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    Incipio Executive OVRMLD

    I purchased this case and like it quite a bit. It offers good protection and mine seems to be made quite well. As a side note, the previous poster who posted pics of this case and stated he was not impressed with the quality may have gotten an early version of the case...mine was held up for...