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    Slider on Voice Recorder app

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to add to the voice recorder a slider for the recording because if you have a long recording you have to listen to the whole file. Can you put the same type of slider as they have for voicemail or like with video/audio files.
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    Conference Call Issue

    Hey it states that you are able to conference call with up to 5 people on the phone. I was able to do a conference call where there was 3 people including myself and I called a 4th person and when I hit the merge button it attempted to add teh 4th person and wouldn't merge them in. Does anyone...
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    System Sounds Help

    Hey guys I have an issue and need some help. I changes my sms-received.caf file to an audio file I made but I also changed the .aiff file I side the folder so that when I'm in the program I can here the same audio file but after uploading it I still don't hear the file...