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    Applejon says iChat WILL NOT be in the upcoming update

    I want to start off by saying that i'm not trying to flame anyone especially Applejon but there are two main Apple facilities and both are located in california. one of which is in cupertino and the other happens to be elk grove. my current roommate used to work at the elk grove center which...
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    How's your phone reception?

    it's actually better now.. i live in an area i think just within the radius of the cell towers. I had a blackjack and my service was mediocre to say the least with half my phone calls being dropped. now with the iPhone, i have no problems and voice quality seemed to have improved.
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    Has anyone asked you about your iPhone In public?

    i went to a club last night and between me and 2 other people, we were the main event of the night.. up until people got crazy drunk and started dancing and forgot about the iPhone completely... lol but durning that first few hours, it was quite fun. lol my iPhone told me it felt like a slut...
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    Next Shipment?

    i've got an extra one unopened sealed in original packaging with proof of receipt ... i bought it JUST IN CASE i could turn profit on ebay.. unfortunately it's not worth it so i was thinking about returning it... let me know if you want it.. oh its 8gig and i live in northern california so tax...
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    WiFi - Connected but not working

    lets us know the outcome because i've got a linksys wrt54gs also, thanks! update, i'm sober now! ready to start fixing this again
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    WiFi - Connected but not working

    went out to the club last night and anyone who had an iPhone was the crap of the club.. i think a million fingers slid across my screen, i need to wrap him in a condom next time, he's not gonna get around like a slut anymore... poor thing... but he made it without a scratch! as far as the...
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    using WiFi?

    not for me... lol but i've entirely given up tonight. it's 10pm here on a saturday night the weekend before the 4th and i'm trying to fix my iPhone.. yup, officially lame! i'm going drinking...
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    iPhone won't restart

    ok, i shut the iPhone off holding the power button to shutdown and now it wont turn on no matter what i do...
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    using WiFi?

    on the phone with the lady, she obviously has no clue on how to fix this problem... lets try with the next solution.. any other takers?
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    using WiFi?

    robert, that's great and all but i've managed to bypass the entire step with the password and choose to not password protect my access and it STILL doesn't work....
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    How can I add ringtones to 1st Gen iPhone?

    yeah i was hoping someone would ask this question... bump.. who else hates the selection of crappy ringtones on this?
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    using WiFi?

    I have a linksys wrt54gs router and i have turned my wep password off, i've gone through all the channels and have rebooted the router along with the iPhone numerous times and WALA... still only google. lol
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    using WiFi?

    i've read all the fix's to the wifi problem but unfortunately i cant get any resolution either. in fact.. the only thing i can surf on wifi is the google site.. lol we need a new fix/help!