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    Do you type with one finger or two?

    I've found that it's really easy to type with the thumb on my left and use my index finger with the right. Now I'm typing freakishly fast on the keyboard.
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    Chrome piece sucks agree?

    I agree. It's a phone. My last phone was a Sony Ericsson that cost $500 when it first came out. I babied the phone but eventually it gathered some wear and tear on it. What do you expect from a "portable" device? If I had a scratch on my home theater receiver, I'd be more irked...but that's...
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    Phantom "Load ___ more messages" issue

    Same here The same thing happens to me on a pop account. It keeps saying "Load 25 more messages" even though there is nothing left on the server. I have two other email accounts on here as well, but I don't have this issue with them. Any thoughts?