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    my 3G speed

    I get about 500kbps. Sucks :(
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    I have to format my computer. Any way to backup contacts/calendar?

    Yeah, I don't use MobileMe. :(
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    I have to format my computer. Any way to backup contacts/calendar?

    It is a Vista PC. The computer is in a semi-usable state, so I may be able to re-sync the data somehow, but is there any other way of getting my contacts/calendar info off of the iPhone?
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    I have to format my computer. Any way to backup contacts/calendar?

    So I have to format my computer after getting a nasty virus, but my iPhone is synced to iTunes on this computer. When I format and reinstall iTunes and plug in my iPhone, I know it will delete everything on my iPhone, but is there any way to save my contacts and calendar info? Is there any way...
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    Multiple contacts/calendars?

    If i got the trial of MobileMe and then had a personal calendar, could I quit MobileMe and still keep the calendar?
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    Multiple contacts/calendars?

    That really is a crappy move IMO. I shouldn't have to spend 100/year to get multiple contacts/calendar support...
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    Multiple contacts/calendars?

    I am trying to have personal contacts/calendars as well as my work contacts/calendars (using exchange) but every time I enable exchange, it overwrites my personal stuff. Is there any way other than using MobileMe to fix this issue?
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    New Awesome App - "Secrets"

    Tony, thats exactly what this app does.
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    Additional Installer Sources

    Mind posting what solid apps are available in each?
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    With a modded iPhone...

    If I sync my modded iPhone, and wanted to restore, would my apps be put back onto my iPhone? What exactly gets backed up during sync? Everything, or just a few databases? Thanks.
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    Will we ever get instant messaging?

    Well, if you jailbreak your phone, Apollo is a great iChat-like app.
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    yes, I tried it. Works great. But will leaving the server on even without it transferring anything kill battery life?
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    Apple Releases Web App DevCenter

    I wouldn't say building native apps is easier or faster. Better? Yes. But not easier or faster... :wink:
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    Apple Releases Web App DevCenter

    Im registered. It's pretty useless so far, but the release notes for the newest safari versions do help.
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    Gmail goes IMAP

    yes, I just heard about this. This is awesome!
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    Seidio Customer Support!

    yes, if your replacement doesn't click, im going to go ahead and give them a call and get mine replaced. Seidio is awesome.
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    Apple to Announce 3rd Party iPhone App Development?

    I believe all it will be is official support for 3rd party web apps. I am thinking Apple is going to create their own page similar to other web app "center" pages like
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    I completely agree. Although, I really don't think mine is normal. I have significant play near that area, that squeaks rather loud.
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    Super thin cases for iPhone!

    My case actually has quite a bit of play around that area, and makes loud squeaky noises if I press it. Is that normal?