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  1. jjvaldez

    Oh boy (or girl)! It's on...

    Dave congrats bro!
  2. jjvaldez

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    made another change to the theme... i changed the messages and the PushGmail app so that i can tell them apart better...
  3. jjvaldez

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    whts wrong with Salinas?
  4. jjvaldez

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    if you scroll back there is another dude that used this theme, i just DL'd it and installed it via ssh...
  5. jjvaldez

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    Im using 3g bro! its a lil slow but not to bad...
  6. jjvaldez

    iPhone Screenshot Thread

    installed winterboard and thought i'd give this a try... i like it so far... was a lot of work but i got it right ...
  7. jjvaldez

    How Pixellated Will Apps be When Enlarged?

    this worries me with pics more then the apps, im sure the apps will be fine but the pics taken with the iPhone and transfered is what worries me...
  8. jjvaldez

    Hows it going EiC :-D

    by the looks of the avatar looks like you liftin still, that is good bro!
  9. jjvaldez

    Looking forward to iPhone 4G

    haven't heard ANYTHING about a 4G is it happening does anyone know?
  10. jjvaldez

    Just ordered MonoPrice Battery Pack Case

    for under $25 bucks over night shipped you cant go wrong tho.. used it 3 times already and i still im inpressed with it... been waiting to get one of these for a while and im so glad that i did. i was going for the mophie juice pack when i thought that i'd check monoprice first and sure enough...
  11. jjvaldez

    A positive thread on iPad

    i think that is anyone is going to buy the ipad why not just get the the 3g one? i mean is is not a contract thing right.... so since there is no contract will it be a pre paid 250mb? and once that is over you just can go on anymore? not sure how that will work since it is not contract based...
  12. jjvaldez

    Just ordered MonoPrice Battery Pack Case

    first time used it was today... took it out of the box and rushed to work. I let the battery hit the 20% mark then hit the switch... i listened to the ipod, sent sms, tweeted, facebook, and sent emails as it charged in my pocket, i was amazed when it hit 100 and there was 1 led lit. im not a...
  13. jjvaldez

    Just ordered MonoPrice Battery Pack Case

    Got it ! Gatta work so I'll test it there !
  14. jjvaldez

    Just ordered MonoPrice Battery Pack Case

    they have 3 other colors....
  15. jjvaldez

    Just ordered MonoPrice Battery Pack Case

    Just ordered MonoPrice Battery Pack Case... it was $24.61 with nextday sipping... ill let yall know what I think... It's the Mophie slip on style not the full case style... this is a link to the one i got...
  16. jjvaldez

    Facebook Uh Oh!

    NOW? I been getting charged to my debit card for a while now.... Dam Chris.....
  17. jjvaldez

    The pets of eiC

    old Bella pic...
  18. jjvaldez

    You Want a Tethered JB Fix, You Might Have to Wait...

    what am i missing? teathered jb? whats the difference? i used blackra1n and my phone is ok when it dies or i turn it off and on...