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  1. jjvaldez

    Just ordered MonoPrice Battery Pack Case

    Just ordered MonoPrice Battery Pack Case... it was $24.61 with nextday sipping... ill let yall know what I think... It's the Mophie slip on style not the full case style... this is a link to the one i got...
  2. jjvaldez

    photobooth and iPhone

    I always wondered why the iPhone didn't have photobooth type video filters like the macs do, i think i posted about this a long time ago, but im back to it now that the ipod NANO has those filters that i wondered about for the iPhone, heh just wondering whats goin on up there in Apple...
  3. jjvaldez

    iPod touch 2g 3.0 jb help please

    This is what i have going on, i JB 2 iPod touch 1g already using ultrasn0w 0.72 i went and tried to jb an iPod touch 2g 3.0 with redsn0w 0.72 and that crashed, DL the 0.8 and that crashes too, the point of crash is when i have to direct it to the ispw then it reads it tells me im all go i hit next and...
  4. jjvaldez

    3.0.1 ultrasn0w work?

    hey all, been working with a 3.0 unlocked phone, for t mobile, i used ultrasn0w but my phone turns off and the Apple logo just stays there, this happened 2 times, the first i just restored then jailbroke then ultrasn0w but this seems to be happening, i know ( form researching here) that i can...
  5. jjvaldez

    xbox live vs PS3 online

    This is the thing that i was wondering I have a PS3 and play online ok, online play is online play right? I have heard that xbox live is better in a huge way, i don't get why, what are the benefits of one or the other? I really REALLY do not want this to be a ps3 vs xbox thing, i just want to...
  6. jjvaldez

    making an icon help

    Hello all, i have seen a few icon templets but I cannot get any to work. I was wondering if there is a "cookie cutter" type thing that i can use to take a picture that I have, take it in to photoshop and use the "cookie cutter" type deal to get it the right shape, i used the "rounded rectangle...
  7. jjvaldez

    want to pull the trigger.. but...

    This is what is going on, I am using PwnageTool on a MAC and want to JB ONLY ONLY a 3G iPhone. when I go to use PwnageTool i cannot UNCHECK the unlock baseband option, here is the thing, if a iTunes restore will make that back to normal then i don't care and ill JB. So the question is : Can...
  8. jjvaldez

    unlock/jb help v1 please :(

    so it has come to this..... <-------as you can see I have been here a long time... i just haven't done this in a long time and i HAVE searched and came up with nothing... this is the issue that i'm dealing with: I have a V1 that i have unlocked [and now belongs to my cousin] we took it in to...
  9. jjvaldez

    chris b day!

    happy birthday man, and thanks for the site!
  10. jjvaldez

    why is there no I on iPhone?

    I was just wondering and why there is no I in iPhone. By this I mean there should be iChat, or PhotoBooth. I mean yes we have Safari, and iTunes, that is Apple. I don't know, I just think that those would make the iPhone more I.. heh.......
  11. jjvaldez

    My two favorite things..

    My two favorite things..
  12. jjvaldez

    the woz!

  13. jjvaldez

    got the kodak zi6...

    so i got the kodak zi6, the first one the joystick was broken, so i returned it, now the one that I have the video looks like a ss, you tube link here: [if it does not default to HD you can do so by clicking the HD option] the size is small =good sd card slot = good up to 32 gig card...
  14. jjvaldez

    He has my vote!

    Dancing with the Stars! THE WOZ! PROFESSION: Apple co-founder, philanthropist PARTNER: Karina Smirnoff BACKGROUND: A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for the past three decades, Steve Wozniak, a.k.a. "The Woz," helped shape the computer industry with his design of Apple's first...
  15. jjvaldez

    AIM is changing?

    i have an update waiting for my AIM app, its going to be a free [ad supported app] and going to have sms capability that tells you when you get an IM when signed off [this is lame, it should be emial] they say that the paid AIM is coming soon, maybe the push we have been waiting for? weird, i...
  16. jjvaldez

    iweb help

    this is the deal, i started my site on my laptop that i am leaving at my moms house for my brother to use, i want to edit and actually work on my site from my imac at home. How can I get the site on the iweb that i have on the imac? thanks
  17. jjvaldez

    the better camera?

    the kodak Zi6 [ ] or the Flip Mino HD [ ] what yall think, who offers the better camera? Thanks
  18. jjvaldez

    Apple care help

    how can i find out ifmy iPhone is still under Apple care? Thanks
  19. jjvaldez

    Free up space app

    Anyone try that app that frees up space? Just wondering if it works and what others thought ..
  20. jjvaldez

    I'm unlocked now one more thing please

    im unlocked and on t mobile, now i cannot get on the internet, i have the sidekick plan, i just need to know the plan that i need to make it work, please, thanks