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    Anyone get the Griffin Reveal frame case?

    Saw it at best buy and it looked pretty nice. Anyone get it yet?
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    Question about the privacy screen protectors

    Are they crystal clear or do they have that anti glare look to them?
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    Someone help me understand

    My upgrade eligiblity date is 7/18/2009. I went to AT&T today and was told they can't waive the upgrade price of 499. Because they can't "override" the system. I thought if u were eligible to upgrade in the next couple of months you could get the phone for the subsidized price.
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    What's the best minimal case?

    I'm looking for the best minimal iPhone case. I only have found this one and the casemate barely there case. But I haven't heard of either of these companies? Anybody know of any others?
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    AT&T screwed 3G owners

    They say we can't upgrade until we are eligible which was 7/19 for me, so I was prepared to wait. Now they say we can upgrade friday. But they made every 3G owner who was not eligilbe miss out on pre-ordering. I hate AT&T more every day. The iPhone is the only reason I stay with them.
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    Anyone know where to get polyphonic ringtones?

    I can't find a site that has free polyphonic ringtones. (Newer songs)
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    Anybody having problems getting artwork?

    I can't get artwork for new albums lately. I downloaded the new T.I. cd but it won't download the art
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    Any Griffin elan form owners?

    I just got this case last week after getting rid of my agent 18 case and I like the slim profile it has. I was just worried about this case scratching the phone. Anyone with this case have any problems with this case scratching the iPhone?
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    Wait, we have to pay everytime an app is updated?

    I purchased beatmaker for $19.99 and it had an update so I downloaded that and I was charged another $19.99! We have to pay the same price when an app gets updated?
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    How can I delete texts if I can't do it on the phone?

    I cracked the screen on my old v1 iPhone and now the screen doesn that well anymore. My friend wants my old one but I can't delete the old texts that's in it. How can I delete them because I have some pretty personal texts in there. Can I use iTunes to delete them? If so how?
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    none of my apps load!

    All of my apps try to load but quit back to the home screen. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Anyone tried the BeatMaker app?

    It looks really good. Only thing keeping me from getting it is the price. Here's a video of a guy using it. Part 2:
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    No sound for incoming SMS

    Anyone else having this problem? It works fine when I get a call, but it makes no sound for a text message. And yes I have SMS notification turned on
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    Do I need to put all of my contacts in address book?

    Or will the new iPhone sync my old contacts from iTunes?
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    How do I convert AVI videos to the iPhone on a Mac?

    What program is best for this on a mac? It would help if it was free lol.
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    Is there an easy way to get another iPhone?

    I've dropped my phone numerous times and it looks pretty bad now. Is there a way I can get another from Apple? You know like tell them something is wrong. My right speaker on my headset isn't working but I don't think they would replace the whole phone just because of that. Any ideas?
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    Anybody having problems with comcast email?

    I can't send any emails it always says it was rejected by the server. Also it doesn't auto check either.
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    What ringtone are you using?

    I just wanted to know what everyone was using since we all have the same choices as of right now. I'm using sonar, it's the only one I really liked.
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    Anybody having problems viewing videos?

    I used videora converter to convert some movies and music videos for the iPhone. The music videos turned out just fine. But the movies show half of the movie on the left and another green half on the right. The whole picture is green on the right side of the phone.
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    Help with converting video's

    This website says to covert videos in 480 X 320 resolution because that is the iPhones native resolution, but on the Apple website the tech specs list it as 640 X 480. Which resolution should I convert them?