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    Anyone else getting a text from AT&T

    I got it in central NJ Just got new carrier settings via iTunes. I never received a txt. Had to reboot the phone for the MMS to show up. 1:09 pm. Enjoy!
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    Slow 3G speeds... HELP!

    Thread made me run the test... wi-fi / FIOS 8.45 Mbps down 4.85 up 3G 1.06 Mbps down .3 up
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    Date predictions of 2.0

    June 27th?
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    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    Okay,thanks. Do you know why? The art was there prior to the restore. To be clear I'll have to re-add my network and email info and such after, yes?
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    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    Since I did a restore the artwork for my movies is no longer visible on the phone?
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    iPhone speaker hack! 40% louder!

    Worked for me... First thing I did when my wife bought one.
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    iPhone makes the Oscars!

    That was a paid endorsement... I'd bet the house on it.
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    defragment iPhone

    When docked the phone does not appear in OSX's Disk Utility - fyi
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    What's your ringtone?

    I made a mix in Garageband with effects provided and Princes Gett Off.
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    new features on Google maps!

    Paging JoeT, your plate of crow is ready for pickup at the customer service counter. JoeT to the white courtesy phone please.
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    new features on Google maps!

    You're just wrong.
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    new features on Google maps!

    You're being difficult.
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    new features on Google maps!

    It's to make getting driving directions easier...
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    1.1.3 lyric thing

    Tap the CD cover image once (they way you do to adjust the slider) if you have lyrics in the file they show.
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    1.1.3 lyric thing

    iTunes lyric widget -
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    1.1.3 lyric thing

    It's cool as hell is what it is!
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    Not available for me yet. :frown: Nevermind... it's here! I'm giddy!
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    Apple officially allows creation of ringtones using your music!
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    What amazes me

    I have this thing. It takes up a lot of my free time. It's called "my life". When you're older (no sarcasm or insult intended) you'll understand. It's the cliché of all clichés but it's true. When I was younger I though older people just weren't trying hard enough to "stay young" but that...
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    3G iPhone announced...

    I'm sorry. I'll kill myself.