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  1. reebs

    Are you waiting in line?

    I will be lining up either at my local AT&T or Apple store here in San Diego. Still debating time to get in line but I'm thinking midnight.
  2. reebs

    Great iPad 2/3 case for $10, delivered.

    Looks like someone got one that didn't work! Guess it will be the luck of the draw. I'm ok with it though for $10...
  3. reebs

    Does your iPad 2 case fit the new iPad?

    Switcheasy cover buddy fits, tight but it fits! Incipio NGP fits too.
  4. reebs

    Great iPad 2/3 case for $10, delivered.

    Scored on this deal too. Will report back. I hope the sleep/wake feature works!
  5. reebs

    Win the DracoDesign Draco IV Case for iPhone 4

    I would love to win this case because it keeps the sleekness of the iPhone and actually makes it look better!
  6. reebs

    iPad 2 online or in store?

    Well I'm debating too whether to get online or in store. BUT you can order online and if you end up getting one later that day, you can always return the online order to the Apple store, no restocking fee!
  7. reebs

    iPod Touch for Kids?

    This is ironic. Just bought one today for my sons who love playing kid games on my iPhone. Wanted to tell them that it was my toy lol. They are 2.5 and 5.5. Obviously will be restricting play, they will not "own" it and will only be playing supervised. As long as you are consistent with...
  8. reebs

    iPhone getting very slow

    Ok so had this lag and slowness to my iPhone 4 for a bit, tried all tips and tricks. Then for some reason yesterday it went back to being just as fast as when I bought. Didn't do anything new except uninstall an app which was FARMVILLE! So I'm thinking there's some specific apps out there that...
  9. reebs

    Win a HardCandy iPhone 4 Bubble Slider Case

    I'd like to win!
  10. reebs

    Win a HardCandy iPhone 4 case

    Me me me! I'd like to win!
  11. reebs

    Does anyone use the SGP Ultra crystal clear Screen Protector?

    I've tried both. Actually I like power support crystal better. Prob because it's an easier installation with 3 separate stickers to remove instead of one whole one on the SGP.
  12. reebs

    iPhone getting very slow

    I'm on 4.1 and it's slow. Most noticeably on multitasking bar when I am removing apps. Also happens when I'm changing brightness of screen. The brightness will change first then 5 seconds later the button on slider will move. Has anyone gone to the genius bar re: these issues?
  13. reebs

    SGP Neo hybrid EX

    Had this case on for about 3 wks now. Today I pulled it out of my jeans pocket and the silicone below the dock connector has torn. I anticipated the frame to break or the silicone to sag first. I even bought extra frames. Hopefully cretouch will replace since it hasn't even been a month. Ugh I...
  14. reebs

    iPhone 4 extreme lag and crashing since update

    I have this problem too but I'm on 4.1 I am jailbroken but have very minimal apps. Don't even hv winterboard and themes. Biggest problem is the lag when removing apps from taskbar and using the slider bar for brightness. I've tried to reboot, power off, removing all apps from taskbar, and...
  15. reebs

    Slow iPhone [Jailbroken]

    Hmm tried all the above and iPhone is still slow. I hope 4.2.1 will correct it! But I'm waiting to upgrade until untethered jailbreak comes out! Any other tips would be awesome!
  16. reebs

    Slow iPhone [Jailbroken]

    Thanks for the quick response. I removed WB and have no themes. Multitask bar is clear. I will try on/off and free up memory on SB settings (forgot about that one!)
  17. reebs

    Slow iPhone [Jailbroken]

    My iPhone 4 is just slooow. I am jailbroken but so is my husband's phone and we got ours at the same time. He is on 4.0 and I'm on 4.1 would that make any difference? His is just as fast as when he bought it. I know it could also be different jailbroken apps but I've removed most of them and not...
  18. reebs


    What in the...?!
  19. reebs

    Incase snap case now available in white!

    I think it's the best case out there right now if you want some protection and low profile! I've tried about 20 cases lol! I'm looking forward to other colors too. Wanted this one to be translucent but oh well. Fit is more important anyways.