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  1. kakofonix

    Sold my jailbroken iPad 1 with the jailbreak. How do I remove all personal data...

    ...without a device reset or iTunes restore which, I learned, would remove the jailbreak also? Thanks.
  2. kakofonix

    FaceTime - Go on, let's open a can of worms!

    Anyone else feel this is no more than a spy camera and can be blatantly intrusive? I mean, let's imagine that, for whatever reason, you are where you don't want anyone else to know you are, (and you do have a right to privacy), girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/boss (take your pick) calls you and...
  3. kakofonix

    Cydia apps on iPad: What works, what doesn't...yet.

    First off, this thread may properly be deemed to belong in the Modification or Third Party Apps forums. If so, I ask that the SMs do move it accordingly. Thanks. I have just jb'ed my iPad using Spirit. It was a breeze. I've been trying out some of the Cydia apps that I currently use on my...
  4. kakofonix

    Spirit on iPad

    Got my iPad about a week and half ago and have to say it is a wonderful device. However, if you've ever used a jailbroken iPhone, even an iPad feels very crippled in comparison. I'm aware it can be jailbroken using the new Spirit but haven't seen much comments in these forums about it. Perhaps...
  5. kakofonix

    Multiple Icon Mover

    I'm sure all jailbreakers have heard of and seen that new, much touted, Appiconreorder that you have to connect an iPhone running 3.1 to iTunes 9 to use. There's a new free app in Cydia that betters that. It's called MultiIconmover and it's from the same guy who freely gave us Backgrounder and...
  6. kakofonix

    Suggestions for an everythingiCafe t-shirt slogan

    Although Chris hasn't solicited any suggestions for any EIC t-shirt slogan, I thought we could float some ideas his way. Here are a few I threw together: ...Are you in the know? ...slide to unlock. ...funny name, serious forums...
  7. kakofonix

    Action Menu

    New app in Cydia that takes the stock Cut, Copy & Paste to a new level. On the free version, you can create favorites e.g. your oft used words, phrases, even login info, for easy pasting. The paid version, among other useful features, keeps a clipboard history.
  8. kakofonix

    Since I got an iPhone, my productivity at work has...

    I, like many iPhone owners, tend to want to use my phone at every given opportunity, even for the most mundane activities, such as checking the time, even though I wear a wrist-watch. I have a laptop but often prefer to use my iPhone. When I'm at work, not all of the use of my iPhone is...
  9. kakofonix

    You need an EIC-addiction intervention if...

    (Strictly for laughs) 1. At any given time, at least 5 of the 8 Safari pages on your iPhone are open to various EIC threads. 2. You know how many times Chris has changed his avatar since he created the EIC website. 3. You secretly take EIC breaks at work. 4. You once called your ISP to...
  10. kakofonix

    Disney Buys Marvel Comics For $4b

    Do you applaud or are you appalled? Which Marvel comics superhero is your favorite and which would you like to see make it to the silverscreen? For me, it's got to be Thor, son of Odin. Looks like the movie is already set to hit theaters March 20, 2011. Just enough time to perfect my...
  11. kakofonix

    What Chuck Norris/Jack Bauer did to/with the iPhone

    This is a game that was accidentally started in another thread. You make up a story, one-liner or anecdote about something extreme and unbelievable that Chuck Norris or Jack Bauer did with or to the iPhone or any app on the iPhone. The only rule is that there are none, but funny and witty are...
  12. kakofonix

    Wondering what those odd-looking badges are?

    Check out this thread:
  13. kakofonix


    Here's another useful addon; new in Cydia. You can quickly scroll Safari webpages, PDF files, etc left to right, top to bottom in a single swipe. Just triple-tap the page. Works even on springboard. Easier tried than explained.
  14. kakofonix

    Windshield holder for 3GS wanted

    I've looked online at a few windshield holders for the iPhone but it's hard to tell if they expose the camera lens. Does anyone know of one for sure? I need a holder that'll hold the 3gs in place and also allow me to shoot some video or take pictures while driving. Thanks.
  15. kakofonix

    FontSwap now updated for iPhone 3.0

    Fontswap has been updated to 3.0. I have been using it and absolutely loving it! If you are considering it, I'd say go for it.
  16. kakofonix

    Hero of Sparta iPhone game is down to $0.99 from $5.99

    ...for a limited time! (If this has already been posted, I apologize - I only became aware of it a few minutes ago, myself).
  17. kakofonix

    Now isn't that odd?

    I just took a good look all over this beautiful specimen of technological marvel and noticed for the first time that there's nowhere on the external form factor where "3GS" is written or otherwise marked. We know only the 3GS comes in 32GB, but unless 3G iPhones are distinctly labeled "3G"...
  18. kakofonix

    iPhone boxes compared

    At WWDC 2009, Apple announced that in an effort to reduce its negative impact on the environment, there is a 23% reduction in the size of the 3GS box as compared with previous boxes. I didn't get the 3G version, but here are 3 pictures of my 3GS and Classic iPhone boxes side by side.
  19. kakofonix

    Jailbroken v1 iPhone customization on 3GS!

    I used a backup of my jailbroken v1 iPhone on my new 3GS. Look what happened to my status bar - customization from jailbreak apps "Make It Mine" and "Supreme Preferences":
  20. kakofonix

    I heard a truck pull up outside my house...

    ...ran to the front door, expecting it's FedEx's...turns out to be the garbage truck (Damn, I forgot it's trash collection day)... It's going to be a looong, looong day...