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  1. iOSJBs

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus, home button click issues

    when i press the home button, I get different click noise each time. In addition, it feels like I can sort of move the home button around a little. My question is, is this a defect of some kind or are all the new iPhones like that.
  2. iOSJBs

    iPhone 6s Issues with sound phone thinks there's headphones in

    Cleaned the aux jack with q tip & it fixed the problem. Hope that's useful for others as well that might have this issue
  3. iOSJBs

    iPhone 6s Issues with sound phone thinks there's headphones in

    When I make a call I can't hear anything unless I put it on speaker same with all the notifications etc I've tried resetting my phone nothing seems to work any ideas?
  4. iOSJBs

    iPhone 6s Battery percentage not accurate

    I let my phone die completely ... Then charged it. And it fixed the problem.. Might work for you too
  5. iOSJBs

    What games are you playing? iPad/iPhone

    Mortal Combat
  6. iOSJBs

    Best way to clean the screen on iPhone

    I user temper glass so honestly I just rub it against my pants lol .. Good enuff .
  7. iOSJBs

    iPhone 6s Switching from Samsung Galaxy S5 to iPhone?

    It's honestly a great switch... I've been an android user for years.. And the iOS has impressed me. Happy iPhone 6s Plus user [emoji177]
  8. iOSJBs

    iPhone 6s Tempered Glass Screen Protector and Force Touch?

    Not at all.. Mine works perfectly fine...
  9. iOSJBs

    iPhone 6s How's the iPhone 6S battery holding up?

    I've noticed for my case it TAKES FOREVER to charge.. But also TAKES FOREVER TO DIE..