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  1. WPeterson

    Valentine's Apps: Get Your Romantic Heart Ready on iPhone

    It's another sunshine February, and we know the aroma of love is going to scatter in the air around everyone's Valentine's Day. Then yes, it’s time to start planning an impressive gift for that special person in your life. Here we have selected those lovely and romantic apps from Apple's iPhone...
  2. WPeterson

    New Low For App Store!

    what can i expect on iPhone next? maybe entertainment is the core businesss here.
  3. WPeterson

    Killer Pool

    heee, cool game for me! thank ya very much but $2.99 is a little expensive right? any discounts?
  4. WPeterson

    IM+ only $.99 cents until Feb. 2

    wooo, great thanks!~ i got that super deal $.99. but why no discount on im+ for skype.... :-(
  5. WPeterson

    Forwarding text messages

    so i can do this if jailbroken? seems iPhone is still not that "smart" phone somehow...
  6. WPeterson

    Wall Street Speculation on New iPhones

    entry level iPod Phone? seems another good idea like iPhone nano. all under Apple's name, entry-level is good to go anyway.
  7. WPeterson

    Using a HK iPhone in Thailand - HELP!

    so your 3g iPhone in hk is not unlocked one? sad.... maybe you can ask for some seniors to help ya unlock it via software methods.
  8. WPeterson

    Morse code Ringtone

    cool idea to keep up. thanks very much. but too quiet for me. and maybbe longer the better. i'll make one by myself. :-)
  9. WPeterson

    Anyone bought one for a friend abroad ?

    heeee, nowadays the unlocked is not that difficult in most cases. if you prefer official unlocked iPhone, try those hong-kong ones on ebay.
  10. WPeterson

    Any news yet about iPhone 32 gb?

    back here. and one friend told me that those hi-def musics and videos take a lot sapces, so if you're hd addict, 32g is better. but i don't think Apple will release such device soon.
  11. WPeterson

    Slingbox sling player for iPhone video

    i know it's coming, and i can't wait.... any beta version for trial?
  12. WPeterson

    Comparison Of All Of My iPhone 3G Cases

    good guide. but i just want a skiny and cool case for my beauty, any better ideas than those iron coats?
  13. WPeterson

    Bluetooth shortcut?

    oh i tried SBSettings, and found it surprisely great to toggle those iPhone settings. thanks a lot!
  14. WPeterson

    BOOBIES Have Been Approved!

    eat back my previous words: this app is a little interesting when i dl one to try. but too much shaking just makes me boring is kinda this. if this app can generates shakable pics to share, it could be better! :2cool:
  15. WPeterson

    Maxim Type Magazine for iPhone (New to App Store)

    .... $1.99 app? if it's the continuous updates from Maxim, i may pay the $1.99 to subscribe. about this, generally useless....
  16. WPeterson

    everythingiCafe App

    such an app for what? everything on everythingicafe? i just subscribed those interesting feeds on my google reader. want more?
  17. WPeterson

    everythingiCafe font?

    google'd futura, woooh, € 39.00... so it's commercial fonts? but it's really beautiful fonts to use as geek style, right?
  18. WPeterson

    Any news yet about iPhone 32 gb?

    one question, why we need iPhone 32g? and there's no evidence that Apple will release 32g, but iPhone nano should exist here.
  19. WPeterson

    Use WiFi and not EDGE?

    easy to do so. i usually turn off data service of EDGE, becoz the cost of Wi-Fi is really preferred.
  20. WPeterson

    Cellmate Handsfree iPhone Holder!

    lmao.... but where can i get one? i'd like to introduce this on next april's fool~