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    Can a iPhone use WiFi without SIM card?

    I got my RMA'd iPhone back from Apple. It's a new one with different serial number. As I took it out of the slim box, I turned it on by accident and didn't put my SIM card in yet. I noticed it connected to my WiFI and isn't it suppose to not if it doens't have a SIM? Let me know.
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    My iPhone Touchscreen broke - iPhone sent away for 3 days about.

    So I go to use my email, and I can't get into the inbox. I thought email was messed up, but it turns out, a line/section of my touchscreen isn't working. Figures, cause I have a 7 series screen. I go to Apple store with all my box, receipt etc..I've had it for 1 month. The Apple genius bar...
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    iPhone Compass not working?

    My compass on the bottom right seems stuck. Anyone else have this problem? lol......................j/k :tounge:
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    Email Read All, Delete Idea

    Since I read some of my emails on my Home PC and they don't sync what is read already. I hope they just add a function while in the email account screen or chosen email account to just: Read all- If finger is swiped right to left. Delete All- If finger is swiped left to right. With visual...
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    Official Using Handbrake for DVD to iPhone Conversion discussion I haven't tried it yet. But when I do, I'll let you know how it works.