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  1. kakofonix

    is there a jailbreak for 4S ?

    This site claims limera1n jailbreaks iPhone 4s: I'm not sure they know what they're talking about -- Couldn't even get the picture of an iPhone 4s right! Any takers? ;-)
  2. kakofonix

    Enable Multi-touch Gestures on Windows

    Easy as pie. Thanks, KingKoala.
  3. kakofonix

    Sold my jailbroken iPad 1 with the jailbreak. How do I remove all personal data...

    Forgot to mention that I'm on Windows. I guess I should use Sn0wBreeze then... Thanks again, ACH.
  4. kakofonix

    Sold my jailbroken iPad 1 with the jailbreak. How do I remove all personal data...

    No offense taken. I used one of Geohots' tools. "So easy, even a caveman..." Thanks for the link. :-)
  5. kakofonix

    Sold my jailbroken iPad 1 with the jailbreak. How do I remove all personal data...

    Yikes! Sounds painful. Could you please point me to a step-by-step as regards getting the 4.2.1 or custom ipsw?
  6. kakofonix

    Sold my jailbroken iPad 1 with the jailbreak. How do I remove all personal data...

    ...without a device reset or iTunes restore which, I learned, would remove the jailbreak also? Thanks.
  7. kakofonix

    black or white? You happy with the color? No choice?

    On iDay, I was last in line at a local Walmart and lucky to get the last of the 12 or so iPads they got for the launch. I wasn't very thrilled that it's white but paid for it anyway. Before opening it, i sashayed to an Apple store to see the ones on display. The bone-white ones just didn't give...
  8. kakofonix

    Best Notetaking apps for iPad

    I swear by Evernote too. One way that I've been able to overcome the lack of a camera on my iPad is to take pictures with Evernote on my iPhone, sync, and they are immediately available on my iPad!
  9. kakofonix

    iPhone 4 drop test: the results are in

    @Fury - If it's any consolation, I like the buildup to the end of this very sad story. The placement of the anti-climax (phone now at the bottom of lake) is pure genius. My sympathy for your loss - you're taking it like a man.
  10. kakofonix

    I love the iPad

    I love my iPad too. Can't remember the last time I used my 3gs for more than making/taking calls. Even the much touted "Retina" whatchamacallit of the new iPhone 4 hasn't impressed me all that much. For me, the real estate of the iPad trumps all other considerations and I have no problem taking...
  11. kakofonix

    Restoring from jailbroken backup

    You'd need to accumulate a minimum of 15(?) posts before the thank you button will show up for your username.
  12. kakofonix

    Why June 24th?

    Sadly, I will not be a part of iDay this year because I'll be "Working Day And Night".
  13. kakofonix

    Why June 24th?

    Dude, you need to "Keep it in the closet"! :dft011:wicked_smile
  14. kakofonix

    FaceTime - Go on, let's open a can of worms!

    Anyone else feel this is no more than a spy camera and can be blatantly intrusive? I mean, let's imagine that, for whatever reason, you are where you don't want anyone else to know you are, (and you do have a right to privacy), girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/boss (take your pick) calls you and...
  15. kakofonix

    Posting photo links from iPad?

    Photobucket app works great too.
  16. kakofonix

    iPad & iPhone interface

    @forkee - Just got the "Camera For iPad". Best 99 cents I ever spent in the Appstore. I would willingly pay more.
  17. kakofonix

    Cydia apps on iPad: What works, what doesn't...yet.

    First off, this thread may properly be deemed to belong in the Modification or Third Party Apps forums. If so, I ask that the SMs do move it accordingly. Thanks. I have just jb'ed my iPad using Spirit. It was a breeze. I've been trying out some of the Cydia apps that I currently use on my...
  18. kakofonix

    Spirit on iPad

    Got my iPad about a week and half ago and have to say it is a wonderful device. However, if you've ever used a jailbroken iPhone, even an iPad feels very crippled in comparison. I'm aware it can be jailbroken using the new Spirit but haven't seen much comments in these forums about it. Perhaps...
  19. kakofonix

    Is there a way to reset iPhone IP address?

    Sigh.... "It's deja vu all over again".
  20. kakofonix

    Multifl0w - The Future of iPhone Multitasking with Backgrounder

    I don't see what it has over Kirikae other than the Pre-resque side to side flow. Kirikae has a favorites list too, which this once lacks. Still, a nice app, but I'll keep my Kirikae.