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    Viewing PDFs in Mail

    I'm having trouble opening PDFs in the iPhone mail program. I noticed this last week and just thought it was the single-page file I was viewing (which happened to be able 2MBs.) Tonight I tried to open a multi-page document at about 300KB with no problem. All 7 pages are viewable. But when I...
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    Anyone really rich own an iPhone and willing to reveal themselves?

    I'm in the same boat. I'm 26 in the lower middle class. I work and make a pretty good living, but I still have bills to pay off and easily could've used the $600 bucks to pay off some of those. But I don't regret buying the 8GB. For $100 more, why not? I'm the same in that I never really listen...
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    iPhone Specific Sites?

    I second that motion.
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    iPhone Specific Sites?

    I think it's pretty cool that the Apple/Quicktime Trailers site is a minisite specifically for the iPhone. Besides RSS, does anyone know of any other iPhone specific sites? I couldn't find anything in the forum search so I figured this would be a good place to post them. In case you don't know...