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    3G skin suggestion?

    I am looking for a clear or translucent skin for the 3G that covers the back & sides but none of the front. Most that I see online have pieces that go across the front at the ear-piece and at the bottom across where the home button is. I just want something that fits tight along the chrome...
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    iPhone video cable?

    Are there any alternatives to Apple's own Composite AV Cable? I'd like to find something less than the $49 Apple wants for the cable or at least a place to get it for less?
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    1.1.1 does NOT fix the Exchange bug where deleted items are not deleted!

    I'm disappointed that the 1.1.1 update does not address the issue for users on an Exchange server where items deleted on your iPhone do not delete on the Exchange server - but are instead left on the server and shown as "read". Argh!
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    Newbee question - page 2 on iPhone screen?

    I'm playing with AppTapp for the first time. But how do I get to installed apps that no longer fit on page 1? By default, the iPhone hase 4 remaining slots on the screen. AppTapp takes 1. So once I install 4 new apps, one of them "falls off the screen". How do I get to it?
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    AppTapp down?

    I have AppTapp installed but it just hangs with the rotating circle icon at the top of the screen. I also can't seem to get to the web site from my PC. Is it just down or gone? EDIT/UPDATE: The problem is when I try to use it over WiFi. It works fine over EDGE. Any...
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    Synchronica - anyone still using?

    I decided to wait a while and see what people thought about Synchronica before trying it. I heard a lot early-on about delays and slow/overloaded servers. But I took the plunge today and set it up. I'm just sick of the bug where items I delete on my iPhone aren't deleted from the Exchange server...
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    Can the dock connector be used?...

    While my kids have been part of the iPod world, I'm new to it since I got my iPhone opening weekend. Glad to finally be aboard. I'm wondering of anyone knows how "usable" the dock connector is. Obviously, Apple uses it. But so do other manufacturers - and it does seem like all of them are...
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    Bang & Olufsen Earset 2 Bluetooth headset

    Let me start off by answering the obvious question... "a $400 headset? Are you nuts?" No. I managed to get a pretty sweet deal on one on eBay and got it for a bit more than an Aliph Jawbone. So I am nuts to be in the high-end headset realm but not nuttier than a lot of others in that club. And...
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    What other iPhone sites do you visit?

    Besides this site, what other great iPhone discussion & info sites have you found?
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    I managed to get ALL of my Exchange folders

    My IT guys were able to get my iPhone talking to our Exchange 2003 Server via IMAP earlier in the week - they had to turn on the IMAP service and open the appropriate port(s). Problem was, I was only seeing my inbox. If my path prefix was set to "INBOX", I saw the inbox plus any sub-folders...
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    Dead iPhone screen - fixed

    I let my battery fully discharge yesterday. By the end of the day, I had a battery icon on the screen with a message saying that I needed to recharge. So, I connected it to the wall charger. It reported that it was charging and I walked away. I took a look at it before going to sleep and the...