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    Can't connect to any email servers this morning

    I am having same issue. I also can not connect to weather or open any web pages. It appears to be an Edge issue
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    Things they didn't say:

    I am not not mad. I will probably not get one with initial release. As you stated the 3g is the only major change, which is nice but not critical for me, but its nice knowing once I do decide to go get it that price tag is very easy to handle. Better news is the items they are putting in for...
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    Do you think Steve Jobs lived up to it?

    You can always gage the impact of a device by how many copycats are out there. This year there are phones being release by almost every major providor including AT&T to compete with iPhone head on. So based on the industry's reponse, Apple hit a homerun.
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    How to fix 90% of your problems

    I also don't want to brow beat this, I am just interested
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    How to fix 90% of your problems

    A blackberry is a cellphone, email, and internet (crapping internet but internet), why is there not such a large hack a blackberry movement. Once again not a problem with hacking, I guess I am starting to wonder if I need to update my own thinking.
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    How to fix 90% of your problems

    I have actually been here since they released the iPhone, been more of a reader than a contributor. As I said I am not purposely blasting modders though my opinion post comes across that way as I over stated what I was saying to make a point. What intrigues me more is how people view the...
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    How to fix 90% of your problems

    I do not have a problem with people customizing their phone - is their phone. I am just surprised by the number of people that do and the effort. To me the iPhone is a electronic device, I believe many view it as a little personal computer - hey there is a desktop, internet, email - it must be a...
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    How to fix 90% of your problems

    Stop customizing it! I do not get why everyone is so custom crazy with their iPhones. Its your phones and your free to do what you want and I know there will always be a group that hacks their phone, xbox, computer, etc. But you can't complain when your hacks stop working or cause errors...
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    How do I prevent Safari from reloading pages in tabs

    I don't want a new session. I use Appleopolis as my main safari window. Often I will go to Diggs as an example and when i am done sleep iPhone. The next time I come on I will close the Diggs window, but then the Appleopolis window will auto refresh with Diggs. I want a browser window always...
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    How do I prevent Safari from reloading pages in tabs

    Any way to stop safari from refreshing pages automatically. Sometimes after being idle for awhile or after being asleep when I return to safari some pages will auto refresh but it is not always teh page I am on rather the last URL I went to.
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    TIME's Invention of the Year

    Does someone need a hug? i don't even get the point of your rant
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    Apple, AT&T sued over iPhone restrictions

    Won't go anywhere. It is common practice in the cell phone industry. Moto always rolls out new phones with an exclusive deal with a cell phone company. There is no law that states companies can not have exclusive deals nor that electronic items we purchase we are free to connect to anything we want.
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    Could the 1.1.1 delay be to add MORE new features?

    what delay? I don't remember hearing any promise date for 1.1. It will come out when it comes out, its only been 3 months, we are not going to get updates every few weeks, remember also probably the same team is responsible for Touch. Just be patient
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    Store Credit/Car Adapter

    Me and my wife have our store credits. She needs a FM transmitter for her car. Is there one on teh Apple Store that works with the iPhone? I see they have the Belkin TuneBase FM for iPod (Black) or Harman Kardon Drive + Play or Belkin TuneFM with Car Charger for iPod (Black) Any help...
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    Were never getting our updates. Must read!

    I don't disagree with OP, but I went into the iPhone expecting this. I have no problem spending $2-$5 for new iPhone apps that I want. First thing I said to myself when I got my phone was wow Apple really has a new platform to take the iTunes model to a whole new level. What a businesss in it...
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    Web Apps v Installed Apps: PLEASE VOTE

    I answered I am good with web apps. Not every app will work as a web app but most are fine and gives me more room on my phone for other crap like music and video. I am a heavy user of applopolis and mockdock. I always have 2 pages open to them at all times. I have sport scores, Battlefleet(my...
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    Apple quietly handling iPhone touchscreen issues?

    Since last update my phone seems a little sluggish at times. I am not sure if it has to do with the update, if its swaping out memory, etc. It does not seem better after a hard reset. Just noticed this week and am keeping an eye on it. Anyoen know how much memory is reserved for "in use" apps...
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    Aww, how far we've come...

    What are those strange things with the numbers and letters under the screen on the right hand phone. Looks as archiac as rotary phones.
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    AT&T only activated 142,000 iPhones the last 2 days of June

    Apple seems to be doing pretty well these days. The company reported profits of 92 cents a share after the close of the stock market Wednesday, 9 cents higher than Wall Street was expecting and 26 cents better than the company's own projections. And the magic number? Apple reported selling what...
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    AT&T only activated 142,000 iPhones the last 2 days of June

    People are giving more weight to the activation number than they should. Basically you are talking about from 6pm June 29th to Midnight June 30th. If you add in activation issues existing AT&T/Cingular users (and there are a lot of them) Sales on July 1st your probably right around 200k to...